How to Style Scarves and Shawls

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This time I am very excited because I am writing for you in collaboration with amazing talented blogger Ramsey who is the owner of the blog and find her on Instagram here  Please check her blog posts and I am sure you will spend some really  amazing reading time.

So together we are presenting you styling options for brooch and scarves!

I love wearing scarves both as a part of fashion and as a good protection during chilling cold winter. Today I will be telling you all details of how you can style different types of scarves and shawls in many different ways. To learn about styling options for brooch please visit Ramsey’s blog in the link above.

Many people often cannot differentiate between a scarf and a shawl. So to clarify; Shawl is thicker and larger piece of fabric compared to a scarf. Shawl is used by both male and female where as scarves are thin and longer, sometimes a square piece of fabric. It can be woolen as well but more thinner and smaller than shawl.

Scarves and Shawls can be of many different materials, many different patterns and you can style them in so many different ways.

While wearing a scarf or shawl the styling depends on the season, weather condition, your mood, the occasion for which you are wearing. A stylish scarf reflects your personality.

In Nordic countries woolen scarves are everything that you need almost all the year round just skipping the short summer time. Woolen scarves are so comfortable during winter. I love Pashmina both in wool and silk but woolens are my picks as because I wear scarves mostly during winter time.

In terms of color choice I usually prefer beige, dusty and neutral shades. I have been collecting different verities of shawls and scarves for years. This year I have bought an Emerald woolen shawl and a wine red Pashmina shawl which I am in love with. Last year I collected, beige, black with patterns, dusty rose and grey woolen shawls.

shawls and scarves (most colorful one’s are here)

During spring I purchased bunch of colorful silk and cotton scarves where most of them are single colors yet few are printed or patterns. All my scarves and shawls are collections from different parts of the world. Most precious are the soft thin Pashmina that I have collected from Nepal during my Nepal trip few years back.

I have huge collections of Nepali shawls but these are just a very few examples

About styling it is more of a personal preference. I like to leave it on my shoulder. In more cold days I prefer wrapping my neck and sometimes even half of my face goes under my Shawl. The pictures below will speak more on my style of wearing scarves and shawls.


I also cover my head at times or just tie a loose knot on my neck. Even sometimes I carry it on the handle of my bag as a style and just in case I need to cover myself. When I travel long distance I always carry a shawl because it gives me great comfort. In the airport or journey during nights I am often cold so to feel comfortable I cover me up with shawl and sleep.


That is all about my scarf and shawl story! Let me know about your style for which I am eagerly waiting!





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