Best Coconut Oil for Healthy Skin

If somebody asks my daily skincare regime, the most important thing I would love to mention is coconut oil. People have been using coconut for thousands of years for different purpose. In the village area coconut oil used to be everything for skincare for many years without knowing the formula how it actually works but … Continue reading Best Coconut Oil for Healthy Skin

My lovely memories in Zürich, Switzerland

Zürich is the international metropolis of Switzerland. This vibrant city offers heavenly shopping experience and unforgettable natural escapes. Combination of all fun activities will attract anyone, especially during summer when it is all green.   After arriving to Zürich I directly went to Üetliberg which is one of the mountain area there. From central station … Continue reading My lovely memories in Zürich, Switzerland

Top 5: Eyeshadow Palettes

I totally agree! Could not get my hands on the morhe palette yet as they are out of stock all the time. Hope to get that once it is back in Stock !!!! My top favourite is ABH among all 😍

Hey everyone! I have decided to do a new series on my blog where I show you my top5 of a category. I don’t know how often I will be doing these posts as I will definitely do different posts in between and I don’t know if I will get round to doing every category as there’s some which I don’t have too many of. I decided to start with eyeshadow palettes as the Naked 2 palette was where my obsession with makeup properly started and out of everything, eyeshadow is probably what I have the most of! It was very difficult to pick my favourites and I definitely couldn’t put these 5 into a ranking so they are in noparticularorder.

Too Faced Chocolate Bar Palette – £39

The Too Faced Chocolate Bar Palette is a staple for almost every makeup lover, I feel. When it comes…

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