First Impression: Vanish Seamless Finish Foundation Stick by HourGlass

I waited for this foundation forever but unfortunately it was not available in Sweden. Finally it landed a month back in Cult Beauty and instantly I ordered it and now I have this foundation in my beauty vanity which feels great! You can find the foundation here So my first impression was just wow. … Continue reading First Impression: Vanish Seamless Finish Foundation Stick by HourGlass


I have just uploaded a video on my channel regarding ABH Soft Glam Palette with more thoughts added after using the palette. So may be you will be interested to see the video ! Please check it here


63782AEB-56FD-4946-998B-FB6D23641E64ABH packaging never disappoint me. I love how Soft glam palette looks very soft by its velvety golden brown outlook with touch of rose gold. The only problem is, though I love the luxurious velvet feeling but the palette gets really dirty pretty soon by touching the shadows with the fingers and then forgetfully touching back the eye shadow palette cover. Even though I try to be careful but this light color velvet box always get loads of shadow marks which ultimately makes a mess.

Once you open the palette you just die out of happiness! I do not know if that a correct word to describe my level of happiness but I have no other words ! All the shades are super gorgeous. When the soft glam palette just came in to the market I thought I have these nude brown shades somewhere in my collection and thought…

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Cherry Blossom Festival in Stockholm

April to early May is the time when Sweden starts to get decorated all over with it's natural beauty. The glorious white and pink natures decorations can be observed in different places but the heart of Stockholm, Kungsträdgården is the place where annually the Japanese festival takes place. This place is always very happening and … Continue reading Cherry Blossom Festival in Stockholm

Best Self Tanning Process While Saving Your Money

Beautiful Summer is finally here. Who doesn't want to look sun kissed with some touch of colors? But getting sun exposed for longer duration is not good for our skin so artificial tanning is a way to look summer loved by staying safe. For self tanning you can take a look at this website reading Best Self Tanning Process While Saving Your Money

Happy Plugs Discount Code

Most wanted products are going out of stock very fast so if you have anything in your wish list then it will be wise to grab it now. I wanted to buy the Rosegold ear plugs and they are gone 😦 So now I need to wait for restock …. Hope they restock again !


I have GREAT news to share with all my stylish readers ! I am here today to OFFER you DISCOUNT CODE from HappyPlugs. By using the DISCOUNT CODEBEAUTYBEE you will get 20% discount on all products during check out! Isn’t it amazing?

I will share below some of the links that directly will take you to the pages of different product categories.


New iPhone cases

Earbud plus wireless




Laptop sleeves

I will also share with you some of my favorites from happy plugs with pictures below 🙂

All pictures are collected from the website of HappyPlugs and pinterest. These are on my

wish list which I wanted to share with you!

b99cf4e92c7c37fb3a2117ee90409e95 This Rose Gold headphone is perfect for my Gold Iphone 8 plus

78f3294618ab9eb6bf03e4e67d31f580 Luxury packed in tech

06c07ed6350442aa6b606b5801e4b798 Now you can match them all

cd7eab41103f9f4554aaed746fea975c This green marble is…

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HudaBeauty Electric Obsession Palette First Impression/ Review/ Swatch

HudaBeauty Electric Obsession Palette attracted me so much just after it was released. Still there were lots of confusion regarding its need ! I was confused thinking if it is really hot or not. You guys know I do not buy just everything available in the market to review in my blog rather I prefer … Continue reading HudaBeauty Electric Obsession Palette First Impression/ Review/ Swatch