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20170629_170332As it is summer time now and I loveORIGINSskincare so I was very excited to try their new GINZING SPF40  Energy Boosting Tinted Moisturiser. Currently I am using the Glamglow clear mud regularly which is giving me  very poistive results and it is recommended to use a good SPF along with that. So I got this product by ORIGINS with high SPF along with my favorite face wash plus exfoliator about which you can read here.

Nu är det sommar och jag älskar ORIGINS hudvård så var jag väldigt exalterad att prova deras nya GINZING SPF40 Energy Boosting Tinted Moisturizer. För närvarande använder jag Glamglow Clear-lera regelbundet vilket ger mig väldigt poistiva resultat och det rekommenderas att använda en bra SPF tillsammans med det. Så jag fick denna produkt av ORIGINS med hög SPF tillsammans med min favorit ansikte tvätt plus exfoliator om vilken du kan…

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Women’s Day: My Thoughts

Being a woman means so many responsibilities. By saying "Woman",  we imagine a bunch of beautiful words which may include beauty, power, intelligence, homemaker, hard worker, patience, manager , box full of emotion, surprise lover, traveler, mystery, misery and so on. We are proud to be women because in today's world we are everywhere to … Continue reading Women’s Day: My Thoughts

Anastasia Beverly Hills single eye shadows for olive to darker skin tones

Hi everyone ! I have collected Anastasia Beverly Hills single eye shadows in 8 different shades and I am super excited to describe in details. I picked up the shades that compliments olive, brown and darker skin tones. Please check my YouTube video with swatch details here https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=yhcBn5b0zuY   Electro is a purplish pink kind … Continue reading Anastasia Beverly Hills single eye shadows for olive to darker skin tones

What Is Inside My Beauty Bag

Read the post carefully and I hope it will definitely help you to pack your travel makeup bag nicely in short without missing any essentials 🙂


Travelling is so much exciting but there are many things to keep in mind while you travel. One of the important things is to make a list of what things you need to carry while you travel. It totally depends on what purpose you are travelling and for how long. But please make a list, that helps.

2017-05-07-15-17-40-076Today I would like to highlight the skincare and makeup products that you all ladies should remember while you go on a vacation for days long. I will share what I do usually. You can always add something, replace or reduce according to your needs. It is your bag so freedom is yours!

When I am on vacation for several days and plan to photoshoot or go for dinner dates of course I cannot think myself without putting on makeup. So I need to plan and organize my beauty bag. The World´s most…

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FARSALI (Unicorn Essence)

This is my magic potion


I have been waiting for so long to get my hands on to this beauty product which isFARSALI beauty serum. Finally got notified that Cult Beauty is coming up with this product and I ordered at once! This product became hype all over and I was wondering if it is really worth the hype. So there were three options to choose from.

Rose Gold Elixir

Unicorn Essence

Volcanic Elixir

I was confused which one to get. Unicorn Essence was something I was actually dreaming about because it gives a fairy tale feeling whenever I see the shimmery color of the product or even the name has something magical in it. So Unicorn Essence I was sure to buy but was thinking about other two. Specially the Rose Gold Elixir I was confused about. After a lot of research and reading blogs I am convinced that both products are similarly…

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Precious Jewellery

Wanted to let you know that I have collected so many different jewelries with time but these are my absolute favorite for all time ! Please let me know if you also liked my collection and do let me know about your collection of jewelries.


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HI do not own too many jewelries but those I own are very precious and I believe they are stylish. I have a special place in my heart for them cause each of them has a story behind. My collections are from around the world.

Today I will share with you those jewelries that I got as a present from my husband in one of my birthdays and he bought them from BijouBrigtte in Stockholm.

He actually bought quiet a lot of things and I was amazed!

In this picture below the pendant and the ring which are super sparkly made of 925 Silver with Dark Marcasite Stones.

Jag äger inte för många smycken men de jag äger är mycket värdefulla. Jag tror att dem är snygga. Jag har en speciell plats i mitt hjärta för dem. Det är så för att alla av dem…

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How to Style Scarves and Shawls

Hello everybody, This time I am very excited because I am writing for you in collaboration with amazing talented blogger Ramsey who is the owner of the blog http://www.wildprettythings.com/ and find her on Instagram here https://www.instagram.com/wildprettythingsblog/  Please check her blog posts and I am sure you will spend some really  amazing reading time. So together we … Continue reading How to Style Scarves and Shawls

Black Peel Of Mask ” JorgObé “

This product is just amazing and I surely need to repurchase !


Recently my new obsession has become these black peel of masks. All over social media people are peeling different black masks off their faces that removes almost all the dirt including black and white heads. The result looks amazing and I was wondering if this  works in the same way in real.

I bought JorgObé PEEL OFF MASK from eleven.se. A really good offer was going on that time in that site and that was buy 3 and pay for 2. So I bought 3 products and actually got this full size mask for free. The tube contains 100 ml of product. This is a product from Copenhagen skin care. I did not find much good reviews in the internet but that made me more curious to see myself if it really works.

2017-07-07-17-47-48-569So you must be waiting to know my thoughts!

The product worked really well for me…

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