New Spark!

Summer vacation has already started! I am super happy to announce that I have added some sparks to my blogging life very recently. I have upgraded to the next level and now you find my blog in my own brand name! Isn´t that super exciting? Please congratulate me !!! Once I reach 500 followers in … Continue reading New Spark!

HudaBeauty Rose Gold Palette-YES/NO!

Living in Sweden it is quiet difficult to hands on all the newly released make up products instantly. Specially if there is any limited edition or holiday palette then it is almost impossible to own that. Many products arrive when the hype is gone. For example I am still waiting to get the Anastasia Master … Continue reading HudaBeauty Rose Gold Palette-YES/NO!

Thank you

I am super happy to announce that today I have got 50 followers in my blog. This is an amazing feeling that beautiful people are reading my blogs and sharing their comments. People following a blog means that they want to keep in touch with the writings of that blogger because they enjoy reading and … Continue reading Thank you


Lately I have found snapchat really interesting and that is the reason I have become very active there 🙂 Find me in snapchat as "SparklingBeautyBee" and get connected with my stories! I would also love to know your stories so please share your snapchat name  below on comments so we can share the fun and … Continue reading Snapchat!