Precious Jewellery

Wanted to let you know that I have collected so many different jewelries with time but these are my absolute favorite for all time ! Please let me know if you also liked my collection and do let me know about your collection of jewelries.


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HI do not own too many jewelries but those I own are very precious and I believe they are stylish. I have a special place in my heart for them cause each of them has a story behind. My collections are from around the world.

Today I will share with you those jewelries that I got as a present from my husband in one of my birthdays and he bought them from BijouBrigtte in Stockholm.

He actually bought quiet a lot of things and I was amazed!

In this picture below the pendant and the ring which are super sparkly made of 925 Silver with Dark Marcasite Stones.

Jag äger inte för många smycken men de jag äger är mycket värdefulla. Jag tror att dem är snygga. Jag har en speciell plats i mitt hjärta för dem. Det är så för att alla av dem…

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Black Peel Of Mask ” JorgObé “

This product is just amazing and I surely need to repurchase !


Recently my new obsession has become these black peel of masks. All over social media people are peeling different black masks off their faces that removes almost all the dirt including black and white heads. The result looks amazing and I was wondering if this  works in the same way in real.

I bought JorgObé PEEL OFF MASK from A really good offer was going on that time in that site and that was buy 3 and pay for 2. So I bought 3 products and actually got this full size mask for free. The tube contains 100 ml of product. This is a product from Copenhagen skin care. I did not find much good reviews in the internet but that made me more curious to see myself if it really works.

2017-07-07-17-47-48-569So you must be waiting to know my thoughts!

The product worked really well for me…

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Be Trendy in Budget

You will love to read this again cause this trend is still on the go!


Everybody has their unique style of living. Some people prefer to be classy with timeless fashion. Younger generation loves to be trendy all the year round. Being trendy seems to be fun but sounds expensive as you often need to change your closet each season. But interestingly it is possible to be trendy in budget but it is tricky. While being classic you need to buy something that provides lifetime facility, they might be expensive yet looks so simple. When we do not have much time to look what trend is going on it is better to be classy. But today’s world is running after trend.

Today I will be talking about some trendy attire.

If we follow the look book of bloggers in the you tube and other social Medias it provides us an easy view of the current trend. I love to go with trend but within a…

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Best Coconut Oil for Healthy Skin

Coconut oil has so many benefits that I cannot stop talking about it !


If somebody asks my daily skincare regime, the most important thing I would love to mention is coconut oil. People have been using coconut for thousands of years for different purpose. In the village area coconut oil used to be everything for skincare for many years without knowing the formula how it actually works but people got their benefit from this natural product. It is relatively a new concept to use coconut oil to skin for people in urban area.

coconut-2592257_960_720How I started loving coconut oil?

My grandfather was a great reader of any book especially books that contains all about healthy lifestyle. He always used to tell me to forget everything but apply coconut oil in my skin to stay evergreen. His skin was like 30s even at his 90s, and I believe coconut oil did the magic.

Another story is that I met a beautiful Iranian girl who…

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Skincare by peeling ( FILORGA SLEEP AND PEEL)

This is another product from my list of favorites! You are surely missing something if you have not tried this yet !


Hello Beauties !

I love to share my reviews about all those products which I really like. Today I will share my experience about FILORGA SLEEP AND PEEL night time skincare treatment.

FILORGA SLEEP AND PEEL  is basically a night cream which has all those ingredients that are helpful to reduce premature aging of the skin. I have read some blogs and reviews about this product and decided to give a try on so I can provide proper food to my skin. A combination of  healthy food habit, workout, Good branded cosmetics and  using proper toiletries are the key for healthy skin.


FILORGA SLEEP AND PEEL is a product of France. It contains HYALURONIC ACID and NCTF which are the main ingredients that works against aging process of the skin. This is the easiest process of skincare. I apply it every night before sleeping then whole night the tissue renewal…

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Estée Lauder DayWear

This is Winter again and this product is still in my list of favorites, the offer I mentioned here may not be the same but this day cream is amazing ! Please enjoy my reblog ❤️


Hello Beauties,

Estée Lauder is my favorite brand for any type of skin care or cosmetic product. Spending money on this brand is totally worthy. Day wear by Estée Lauder is my recent favorite. This day cream contains SPF 15 which is a multi protection anti oxidant cream for normal to combination skin.

This product is a very good base for make up which is an important criteria for any day cream. It moisturizes skin  without making it greasy. It has a refreshing smell which gives a wake up feeling in the morning while applying the cream


The price is 575 Swedish krona for 50ml and 385 krona for 30 ml. Now there is an offer going on in kicks beauty shop which is a gift bag with every two purchase from Estée Lauder. The gift bag contains Advanced Night Repair Recovery Complex ll 7 ml, Revitalizing Supreme Anti-Aging CC Crème SPF 10 7 ml…

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Holiday Soft Glam Makeup

Because this is my favorite post so I want to reblog it over and over again 😀


6E59A3F7-A4DC-47EF-80AB-1E777123DA5EHello Beauties,

Holiday season is in full bloom with glam and glitters and I was thinking to share with you a soft glam holiday look this time.

What products I used to achieve this look:

91758616-17EE-4BB4-90C4-0F50890172FDConcealer: To hide imperfections I used my L.A. Girl PRO Concealer in the shade fawn, just after moisturizing my face. Later when I was done with foundation and eye make up I used my favorite Nars Creamy Concealer in the shade Biscuit to highlight my nose, cupid bow, forhead and under eye area.

Base: After moisturizing and priming my face and concealing the flaws, I used my new Gorgio Armani Luminuos silk foundation and my shade is 9. I bought it from

Eyes: I primed my lids with Paint Pot Painterly by Mac In my lids I used Anastasia single eyeshadow in the shade Topaz and blended the crease with…

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Introducing My You Tube Channel

Just think 🤔 how amazing it would be to stay connected through YouTube beside blog posts 😃
Just waiting for some set up and then coming up with great videos 😊

Please subscribe ! Reblogging just to remind you my loves 💕


cover sadia newHello All My Beautiful Readers and Subscribers!

I am happy to announce that from now on you can enjoy watching my You Tube videos beside reading my blog post. I am working on it currently to present to you really useful videos that will include product reviews, discussions, vlogs and more 🙂

I am excited! Are you?

I have few random videos already up in to my channel but I am going to start it in a whole new format very soon. Please subscribe to my You Tube channel so that you do not miss any video! I am sharing the link here so that you all can subscribe to my channel and like my upcoming videos !!!

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Let me know in the comment below about your suggestions regarding what type of products you would love to see reviewed. What topic you would…

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