Add some sparks to your skin

Charcoal & Black Sugar Facial Polishing Mask (FREEMAN)

There is always an exception but it is a dream for almost every human being to have a fresh, clean, flawless skin that reflects the inner glow. Even if someone does not dream anything for her/his own skin, another person who is close to heart that can be a boyfriend or girlfriend, husband or wife dreams their partner to have that beautiful skin which glows all the time.

Scrubbing is en essential part of routine skin care and it is a process of skin treatment which can be easily done at home with appropriate products. Today I am presenting one of my favorite skin cleansing product by FREEMAN which is a FACIAL POLISHING MASK. It contains CHARCOAL and BLACK SUGAR which purifies skin. Black sugar exfoliate away dead skin and charcoal helps to absorb the oil and the end result which is achieved is softness and clarity.


Today my beautiful little sister Raisa is helping me out being a model here. Isn’t she very pretty? She loves this product similarly as I do.


This mask is very easy to use. Just apply the amount required according to the need in the damp face and massage in circular motion for for 2-3 minutes. It can be left in face for few minutes as it is a mask but I usually use it just as a scrub and wash it in 2 to 3 minutes with normal water and pat dry skin with facial towel. Skin feels like baby butt ! You will love yourself ! It is good to use the mask twice a week otherwise it will be too much ! Too much of anything is bad you know 😉

After mask effect!

What I really love about this  product is the size of the sugar granules which are a bit coarse but not harsh which is  perfect for scrubbing the skin without causing any harm and it does not take away the moisture of the skin. If anyone likes more fine granules in that case the sugar granules can be diluted with more water so sugar dissolves and it becomes milder which is not necessary but in case some one is very sensitive. This package contains a good amount of product which can be used for quite a long time !

The only problem which I faced and also I found people complaining in their reviews at different internet sites is the lid does not close properly once it is opened. But compared to the product benefits I think we can ignore that but I just hope company solves that problem. So it is better if it can be kept standing in a holder.

This product is easily available in ” Asteria ” if you are living in Bangladesh. I really love shopping from this page as they are very punctual and I always get the right product at the right time. I trust and love shopping with “Asteria” and always recommend my family and friends 🙂 . They are easily available in following link:

You can also join their community in the following link :

If any of you have used this product and want to share your experience, you are most welcome to comment below 🙂

Wish you all a good day   !!!!







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