Hello my beauties!

This time of the year is the best because we leave our heavy boots and start wearing colorful sneakers. We leave our furry jackets home and buy light coats, gowns, colorful shirts and skirts. The time has come back to style with sunglasses and all those nice jewelries are again visible as we can leave some parts of the body bare again without the worry of getting cold. In short it is the time to cherish life with the colors of joy.

Shopping is a never ending process! I will share few of those spring collections that I have got!

urban decay naked

Naked palette 3 by Urban Decay is a perfect palette for beautiful spring and hot summer days. Check details in my previous blog in this link : https://sparklingbeautybee.wordpress.com/2015/11/06/naked3-by-urban-decay/  

The lip gloss that I got is also by Urban Decay in the color Beso which is a mauve nude.


Here I have my favorite nail polishes from different brand and a new blog will be up soon with details. They are all nudes with peach, pink  and purples except the one which is meroon in the picture. I promise to write details in my next blog.

I recently bought those crystal bracelets from BIJOU BRIGITTE. They have the most beautiful and uncommon bohemian style jewelries. I found these shiny crystals super cute.https://www.facebook.com/bijoubrigitte/



The body mist is LUSCIOUS KISSES by Victoria Secret and the details is in this link https://sparklingbeautybee.wordpress.com/2016/03/25/luscious-kisses/


The other perfume you can see is my all time favorite DKNY Be Delicious. Another perfume which is not in the picture above but you can see in the picture below is ETERNITY MOMENT by Calvin Clein which I love equally.




These pair of khaki sneakers by Michael kors are my dream come true! Because these are the hot favorite to everyone that when I decided to purchase I could not find my size anywhere and even that was before spring ! I am lucky finally I got them and I have purchased online. They look really gorgeous ! Recently I am in love with all golds and those golden logos look super gorgeous over the khaki color. These sneakers are comfortable as well.

my mk


I got this beautiful tops from Vero moda and Mango 🙂 The meroon one is from Vero moda which I think adds new color in life after winter and the rose gold top is from Mango which is soothing and comfortable , 100% cotton.


The bag pack is from Urban Outfitters https://www.facebook.com/pages/Urban-Outfitters/175151229186192 which looks small but good enough to carry few books, food, mobile and all necessary things together! In these sneaker days it looks very stylish to carry on bag packs and of course it is comfortable for travel which we do a lot in these warm days.

The last thing I would like to mention that I love topping something over myself when I go out for a complete look and I got this beautiful camel color gown by Vila which is smooth to touch , very light but warm. A perfect kappa to combine any top or pant and it can be styled with a pair of white sneakers, these khaki sneakers or even with brown ankle boots! So here is the picture :



I hope you enjoyed reading about my thoughts and shopping taste! I would love to know how  you are styling yourself in the current and upcoming seasons.

I wish everybody a good heath and happiness.




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