Matte Revolution Lipstick by Urban Decay

I have been planning to post this review since the beginning of the winter when these pretty lipsticks arrived on my hands but unfortunately it never happened before spring. It has been quiet a long time I have been using them and I am literally super impressed.

There are 9 different shades from which I grabbed “Bad Blood” and “After Dark”

Bad Blood: This is a dark red and I think it has got an appropriate name as it is blood red.


After Dark:This is a palmy purple shade  with blue undertone.



  • Matte but not drying
  • Super comfortable and creamy
  • Prolong wear and doesn’t fade even after heavy meal.
  • Highly pigmented


  • Nothing so far but i would say that though it is matte still it has a shine which some of you may not like if you are looking for that completely hazy matte. It is not glossy at all but it has a shine.

All shades are beautiful but I purchased just two because I found them amazingly gorgeous on my olive (nc 42) skin tone.

Stay well!



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