Best Foundation Ever


I am super happy that finally I have found the best foundation ever and I hope to continue with it unless any new foundation beats! Currently this one is hot favorite to most of the people all over the world which is why I wanted to give a try! Got some samples from Sephora and found it amazing so went for it and got my shade 🙂

Could you guess? “YES” it is MAKE UP FOREVER ULTRA HD foundation! This is such a wonderful foundation which exactly matches and mixes with skin. I do not  feel at all that I am wearing anything over my moisturizer. It gives a very nice glow!


My skin has changed a lot from childhood and now I have a normal skin. It is summer time now. This foundation does not make my skin dry or oily and it stays almost all day the same. 8 hours is my working hour where it stays perfectly and even more. It is a bit pricey but worthy 🙂

I have got my shade which is 153=Y405. I am nc 42 in Mac and the shade 153 actually matches me. Though I have some tricks! Here you get to know it 🙂



The shade looks a bit lighter at the beginning when I take it at the back of my hand but as I blend it perfectly it just becomes my skin covering everything. The consistency is thicker than the Bobbi brown skin foundation which was my go to foundation but it is much smoother and makes the skin looks brighter and flawless without leaving it heavy or cakey. So it is known as invisible cover foundation.

I always love to mix two different shades for my foundation as I feel my skin tone differs slightly in different areas so I love to mix both shade 173 and 153 for exact matching all the areas. Orange correction works though for uneven darker areas but still I love mixing two for exact match!


I also got this concealer which is Ultra HD by MAKE UP FOREVER and my shade is Y 41. It has a yellow undertone which I love. I was looking for this kind of concealer for quite a long time and got it finally 🙂 It brightens up my under eye area.


If you have further queries please feel free to ask me below on comments!

Enjoy this combo! Love you all……




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        1. Aw u poor babe but yes ofcourse it is good that u know what ur skin loves and hates! That is important. .. I am sure u hv found ur fav foundation which suits u. Best wishes! 💋

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