Clean and super smooth by “LUSH”

“Lush” has been poking in my dreams all the time. I don’t know why every time I enter their store, I love everything and then get confused what to buy because I love them all so much and feel that all of them together are not affordable ๐Ÿ˜‰

Finally last weekend when I was again passing by “Lush” store I remembered that my friend was telling me a day before that how she was enjoying her newly purchased skincare products by this company. I was in need of a face scrub. I entered the store and tested “Ocean salt” face scrub and just fell in love. The sales assistant was really helpful to made this choice.


They have different sizes for each product andย  I picked the little pot as I wanted to spend little to make my skin get introduced with it . I found that was totally affordable :). Now I have been using that for a week and I can say that I will be repurchasing this always. It has salt granules that you can feel while scrubbing and at the same time it has a soft creamy feeling which helps the granules not to hurt the skin.

It gives such an amazing feeling after I wash the face that is beyond description and one should just feel it. After washing it makes the skin super soft and does not dry the skin at all. It gives somehow an extra glow which I never felt before. The salt is blended with coconut and lime so that it is nutritious for skin as well as smells so good that I feel like to eat them up.

This product can be used both in face and body. Right now I am in so much love withย  this freshly hand made Lush ocean salt scrub.

Nice offer from Lush is that when I will give them back 5 plastic containers that I finished using with their products, I will get a container of fresh face mask for free. Wow! Isn’t it amazing?

Wish you are all well and enjoy natural products for super supple glowy skin.




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