Is Huda Beauty 3D Highlighter Palette worth the money?

Today I am super excited to write about Huda Beauty 3D Highlighter Palette. Let me take a deep breath first and then start!



I was on the wait list of Cult Beauty and have been waiting eagerly for this palette for quiet sometime and finally the day arrived! As I got notification that the palette has arrived at Cult Beauty I immediately ordered that in the shade Golden Sands and now it is on my hands 🙂 


My first impression was one word, WOW! The packaging looks pretty amazing. I really love the packaging of Huda liquid lipsticks but after that the packaging of the most expensive eyeshadow palette disappointed so many people. I think, keeping that on mind Huda did an excellent job this time. Her eyeshadow and cheek bones are really shinning with 3D effect on the cover of the highlight palette which is gorgeous!

As I opened the box I kept staring at it for a day because all the shades looks really nice and smooth. The palette contains four different shades for all different purposes with the aim to achieve a natural yet gorgeous 3D contoured effect on the face.


The four shades are FIJI, TAHITI, SEYCHELLES, ZANZIBAR. It is nicely mentioned on the inner part of the cover that which shade is for what purpose. Among them FIJI is the only one which is creamy and as per applying it becomes cream to powder which is actually made for the base. Other three shades are powder in consistency but they are as smooth as cream. TAHITHI is more like a bronze shade to add dimension on the cheeks so it is used under cheek bone. SEYCHELLES is a super gorgeous highlighter which is a very smooth golden shade but there is no chucky glitter or anything rather buttery pearly shine. ZANZIBAR is basically a rose gold color blush which is beautiful while I swatch on my hands but in my skin tone, on my cheeks it is barely visible.



I loved playing with this new palette. While doing my makeup for contouring I had to use Anastasia palette as this shimmery contour shade TAHITI does not alone work for me. I had to apply this over my Anastasia contour and tried to achieve some extra dimension. Below you see what I used to achieve my make-up looks today.





Is it worth the money? I would say I am very happy 🙂 that I got it. This is a luxurious palette to own. But in the terms of usability I would say it is neither very special nor essential in my make-up vanity. I have many other contouring and highlight palette which would work the same way. What I really loved about this palette is the cream to powder base shade FIJI. It gives a very smooth appearance on the cheeks. Other shades are nice but definitely I can achieve the same effect with my Anastasia and Becca palettes. If you have other palettes and you are not so much passionate about collecting make ups then it is fine not to own this. But if you really love to collect every single beautiful thing to decorate your make up world, even if just the packaging is nice then go for it.


I applied these shades also to my eyelids which were nice but it was a little difficult to blend in the eyelids for me. I don’t know why but somehow it was creasing and took quiet sometime to blend. In the cheeks it was really smooth and nice. What I noticed is that the right amount of product gives a smooth appearance but if you take access product especially if you don’t blend properly the shade FIJI which is the cream base then all other shades may turn in to cakey. So be aware of that.




Let me know your thoughts about this palette if you already own this. I will be super happy to know if you are planning to buy or not to buy this pretty piece of happiness. Check my You Tube Channel and please subscribe 🙂

Happy Shopping Ladies!



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