My lovely memories in Zürich, Switzerland

On my way to Zurich (from train)

Zürich is the international metropolis of Switzerland. This vibrant city offers heavenly shopping experience and unforgettable natural escapes. Combination of all fun activities will attract anyone, especially during summer when it is all green.


After arriving to Zürich I directly went to Üetliberg which is one of the mountain area there. From central station there is a train that directly goes to Üetliberg station. It is easy to climb up and there are restaurants at the top. From the top you can enjoy amazing panaromic view of the whole city including the Zürich lake.


There are a lot of things to do in a city like Zurich. In Every season, each place provides unique experience but as a tourist we have time limitations so even if you wish to do a lot of activities, everything is not possible. It is better to pre-plan so that every moment counts as a memorable journey.

Found this beautiful garden with gorgeous flowers while having a random walk
Zurich city behind me

We stayed in one of our cousins’s  ( husband’s cousin) place for the night so it was very convenient for us to cover a lot of beautiful sights in short duration.  The next morning we started with Reinfall which is one of the most important sightseeing area.  It must be difficult to reach there without a private car as it is far away from the city. We had our private car and cousin as our guide so everything seemed to be easy and nice.


Reinfall is an amazing place where you can see huge waterfall and if you buy ticket you can reach really close where water will touch you while falling downwards. There is also an option to buy ticket to ride boat and go closer to the waterfall which looks risky but so much fun to do. You will get an amazing feeling to do these all activities while visiting this place.


Reinfall with boat

It was mandatory to taste all amazing food prepared by cousin’s wife at his place so we barely had any chance to taste restaurant food at Zurich but yes we tasted amazing unforgettable ice creams and mouth watering, dream like melting chocolates.

amazing Ice creams

Shopping is total luxury in Zurich. Everything seems to be something that I totally want to have someday when I dream to be really rich!!! Shops are super decorative and gorgeous! I forgot to blink my eyes for a while and was totally lost in the dream.


All about Shopping

We had a very relaxing walk around some nice places which were very random.  We walked beside long Zurich Lake. Walking  beside the Lake Soothes heart and soul.


Lake Zurich

Then we went towards Opera and spent some time there.


My beautiful trip to Zurich ended there with some beautiful memories. But that is not the end of the story. Our next trip was more exciting, thrilling and romantic at the same time. Stay with me to read about the next travel story  🙂






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