New Year ! Same Resolution or What?


Hello my Diamonds,

This is my last post for you in 2017 and after an hour it will be 2018! How exciting cause I never published any blog post during this timing, I mean just an hour before stepping to the New Year.

Today I am here to talk about New Year resolution which already you know from the title. New year resolution has a long long history which you can easily find in google if you are interested to know the story in details. But in short I can say that though it started from western culture and religion , now it has spread all over the world. Breaking the cultural and religious boundaries  the term NEW YEAR RESOLUTION has changed totally over the course of history. Now this term is more of a personal belonging by which I mean making promises to self for a better life in a new year.

Though most of us barely be able to check in all the promises we make for ourselves but still it is a great idea to have some good aims. Always remember that there is no sin to dream big but at the same time try to make those dreams more practical so that you can work towards that.

So pretty much every year I in fact we all promise to ourselves some common facts. Let’s see what I have in my mind for this year, 2018!

  1. Healthy Diet ( that includes at least salad and veg in every meal, a lot of fluid, Almonds and yogurt)
  2. Regular physical exercise, at least 1 hour walking every day
  3. Regular prayer
  4. Work seriously towards my aim
  5. Help people more than I did last year( At least psychological support who needs)
  6. More serious about my blog posts
  7. MAXIMIZE savings and MINIMIZE spending
  8. Buy less makeup products and focus more on skincare using natural products
  9. Organize everything properly that includes my makeup vanity, cloths,books and also my kitchen appliances ! So that I can find the right thing at the right moment and don’t waste money buying the same thing over and over again.
  10. Make proper use of my time and abilities.

That is pretty much all. I am not digging deep to any point here because time and situation will tell me how to deal with every point that I mentioned above but in general these are the things I want to maintain and do better. I am sharing with you all these because I think these are pretty general things that you all have more or less in your list!

Let me know your thoughts 🙂

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Happy New Year!



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