Wish list 2018 (part 1)

Hi my lovely Readers!

This is the 1st part of my wish list of this new year and the 2nd part will arrive when I will have something again in my mind. I am sure there will be many parts as my wish list constantly gets bigger.

The 1st thing I am going to mention is a watch and it came to my mind from December 2017. I was waiting for an offer which never came. So the watch is from the brand called Rosegold (Amsterdam) and it comes with simple but elegant designs that attract me so much! The watch that is next on my wish list is called TRIBECA which is a smaller size of their collection and appropriate for my small wrist. It has  33mm watch case & a minimal design and I believe that it is the ultimate fashion piece for my style.


Please visit this website for more details. Click here

The next thing on my wish list is super expensive and right now difficult for me to afford because I have many other things to spend money on rather then just a bag but I want this beauty someday. I think it is not a problem to add the Gucci bag it in my wish list because my goal is to be a famous blogger one day and grab my dream bag. My dreamy GG Marmont. They are available in different colors and I love this design with any color. But my most favorite is the Nude one. I love the pink one as well.


I found this beautiful picture in Pinterest while browsing and grabbed it from the Instagram of  mrs_stridsberg

This bag is classic and crafted in embossed chevron leather with gold tone chain strap and double G logo. There is a heart on the back.

The next things that I am going to mention in later part of this post are something that pretty much every makeup enthusiast owns by now but I still kept them in my wish list. There is a probability I will get them in a week or two and of course will let you know if I get these any soon.

In my wish list I have Anastasia Beverly Hills Prism Palette. I was in doubt many times if I will be able to use all the shades. The only shade attracts me much is Dimension and I was thinking should I even buy a whole expensive palette for just one shade that attracts me so much. Later I discovered that I will be able to create a lot different make up looks and play around with it as many of my favorite YouTubers says so. Not only that, not buying this palette really harming my peace so I have to get this. Just waiting for my discount coupon from kicks and that is probably next week!!!

abh prism

Check details here

ABH is constantly coming with amazing products and one of the fantastic product is their new Blush kit that is called Radiant blush kit: Gradient. When it was just released it did not attract me as looking at the color on the internet it seemed to be very  muddy and dark. But when I went to the shop and tried testers I was amazed ! I never touched a blush that feels so velvety and so much bright. It melted in my skin like a dream and gave me the perfect brightness and pop of color that anyone would love at first sight.


You can check all details here

The last thing that I need to mention today is The Chocolate Gold palette by Two Faced. It has been my love at first sight when I first saw this in internet and felt like crying when realized that it is not available in Sweden but the good news is Cult Beauty is going to have it soon !!!! So I am dancing like a crazy. Hope to order as soon as it arrives

goldSo that is all for now. Let me know what do you think about my wish List? If you have similar or different wish list I will be very happy to know. Please comment below with all your thoughts.



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