FARSALI (Unicorn Essence)

This is my magic potion


I have been waiting for so long to get my hands on to this beauty product which isFARSALI beauty serum. Finally got notified that Cult Beauty is coming up with this product and I ordered at once! This product became hype all over and I was wondering if it is really worth the hype. So there were three options to choose from.

Rose Gold Elixir

Unicorn Essence

Volcanic Elixir

I was confused which one to get. Unicorn Essence was something I was actually dreaming about because it gives a fairy tale feeling whenever I see the shimmery color of the product or even the name has something magical in it. So Unicorn Essence I was sure to buy but was thinking about other two. Specially the Rose Gold Elixir I was confused about. After a lot of research and reading blogs I am convinced that both products are similarly…

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