Life Savor All Purpose Moisturizers

I am so happy that I have discovered these two life savors !


Embryolisse Laboratories

Let’s start with Embryolisse Laboratories multi function fluid. I have been using this beauty fluid for two months now. The more I am using the more I am loving it and discovering more ways to use it. This is a magic fluid.

At first I used it just to moisture my face and arms. I loved it in that way. Later I found out that it helps to remove my make up too.It actually does everything that it claims to. It is so mild that I can use in my eye areas and it doesn’t bother at all. The best part is it sooth outs any kind of irritation. special during spring and summer when we are out more in the sun and days are longer than usual, we need some product that is actually soothing after coming back home and this is that magic fluid. Instantly it helps to recover from any skin irritation. 

The consistency is more liquid than a cream but thicker than usual lotions.


This beauty fluid has all these amazing ingredients which includes aloe vera, soy protein, beeswax, shea butter and Emollient oil. Top of that it is Paraben free. Now I have got this amazing product and it feels like I cannot live without it.

I bought this beauty fluid from Cult Beauty. Please click this link for price and more details

First Aid Beauty (FAB)

Now let’s talk about Ultra Repair Beauty by FAB. I came to know about this beauty products while randomly reading different blog posts. Suddenly I found that someone mentioned so many amazing things about this cream so I thought to give it a try. I cannot mention enough how happy I am with this beauty product. This is another great moisturizer that can be used head to toe, any part of the body. It gives the exact amount of moisture to the skin without making the skin greasy or tacky.

It is not only about moisture but also provides such a fresh feeling with great comfort. When applied at night the next morning you can feel the softness of the skin and it feels like whole night you had a great skin treatment. This is an amazing product for stressed skin. The consistency is light, almost like whipped cream.


As I am using The brand Ordinary for vitamin C and retinol in the form of Retinoid so I am trying to avoid any other product that contains any form of retinoid. I do not need skinfood for extra but I need only moisture so this product is just amazing! I got this from a pharmacy and it costs 295 SEK for 170 g product. You can find it at Kicks, Apotek, Ahlens City. Check this link if you need any details

I am very happy that I have came across these two beauty life savors. Both of these products work for sensitive skin so anyone can use it.

Highly recommended.




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Hi there! Welcome to my blog 'SparklingBeautyBee' . Thank you so much for showing interest for my blog :) I am Sadia from Toronto, Canada. I started my blog while living in Stockholm, Sweden few years back. My blog is all about product reviews that I liked and sometime I let you know if I do not like anything about ! I also love to give tips on health and fashion that I know or have experienced. I am a travel person and art is my hobby. Being a doctor sometimes I need to stay away from these for a while but at the end of the day you will always find me here where I found my peace. So you will be reading posts on makeup, health, fashion, art and travel experiences. Hope you enjoy reading and for any business inquires always contact me

3 thoughts on “Life Savor All Purpose Moisturizers

  1. Hello Sadia,
    Thanks for the nice post. I have very dry skin. Sometimes rashes come out in my chin area.I have seen that you used embryolisse lait cream concentre for face also. So my question is, Which of these two moisturizer will be the best for my skin type in Swedish weather?
    Sorry for the long post. Thanks in advance.

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    1. Thanks for your question and of course I appreciate any long post. I would say these both are amazing to maintain healthy skin in Swedish weather. Embryolisse fluid that I am talking about here is good for face and body but LATER I have used their cream which is available in tube and that is even more hydrating and appropriate for face. About FAB , you can definitely use it in any part of your body including face and instantly it removes any redness, irritation or rashes. So you can choose any or both ! I LOVE THEM EQUALLY ! These are just wonderful. Thank you


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