Eid Day Makeup and Outfit Details



Eid Mubarak !

Hope you are all doing great and spending a relaxing, happy or exciting Eid Day with your near and dear ones. I just hope that you are spending the time happily in a way that you dreamed to spend it.

After a month of fasting this day brings so much happiness with yummy food all day long and meet ups with many people. All theses gatherings make the day wonderful !

So one of the biggest charm of Eid is planning for the day ! From food menu to dress and makeup everything on the Eid day has to be perfect. So we make plans, go to the tailors, shopping, Buying gifts for everyone extends our excitement even long before the Eid Day. Henna is one of the attractions which I miss while my stay in abroad. It is available here but I enjoy it only at home while staying with my sisters. My little sister is very talented in henna art and I just love her to make designs on me so I skipped this time and will do next when I am home again. To me it is not just having a design on my hand but it is more like sisters time and having fun together.




For my Eid makeup I wanted to use my Prism palette by ABH because the shades in this palette is perfect to play with my frosty bluish grey dress. If you want me to make a makeup tutorial of this look please let me know in the comment section. I was so happy with the final result of my makeup. I think it is a perfect glowing makeup for olive or brown skin, specially the eye make up was something I loved so much!

This summer making me love all the nude colors, blues, whites and frosts. Whether I am going for dresses or accessories I am just diving on these colors. So I got this beautiful bag from Miss Selfridge which is their trendy Elevated Stud Crossbody shoulder bag. This is a very small but stylish bag and perfect for special days when you just want to carry your phone, cards and a lipstick in your bag ! That’s it!


The one strap heel that I am wearing is from Vagabond and the model is called Carol. I really love the style and it is made of leather. The wooden heel looks very stylish to me. I will not say that it is comfortable even though the heel is just perfect. The lace part that is covering my feet near the area of my toes are pretty narrow and it rubs against my skin a bit harshly. So if you are buying this go for one size bigger. I am still waiting to see if it loosens up itself a bit just because it is leather and the size looks perfect except the rubbing part. I will update you later on this. But I totally love them as they look so amazing that you even get ready to tolerate some pain. If you have any suggestions how to make it comfortable please do let me know.


I am really very happy with the bag and the heels because they look very trendy and I want to thank all my Instagram followers who voted and helped me to decide to pick these up!

The dress I am wearing is designed by my sister and she has a page where you can even order customized designs. If you are curious you can check this Facebook page Zirconia Online Store I totally depend on her for all my dresses. She is such a nice designer and always surprises me with her awesome designs.

Let’s talk about Jewelries! The earrings that I am wearing from Celebrations in Dhaka. I love their jewellery and shoe collections. Different branches have different kind of collections so it is better to explore a bit before buying. The watch I am wearing is my favorite watch by Skagen that I wear so much ! I have been wearing this so often for last three years but every time it feels new to me and I still love it in the same way that I did on the 1st day ! The bracelet is from Thomas Sabo that I love paring up with this watch, but I think in the picture it is hiding somewhere. I have a blog post about it which you can find in the fashion catagory which I posted years back.The bangle that I am wearing is made of silver and real gem stones and I bought it from Arabian’s in Shimanto Sqaure, Dhaka! I hope you can find almost everything in the pictures that I have described! Oh the locket I am wearing is gold which was one of my Wedding anniversary gift !

It was pretty much a big gathering in the afternoon which we enjoyed! Lots of different food, desserts, laughter made the day really nice! We had some group pictures but I still didn’t get those to share with you here so may be I will be posting those later in my social media. All the food items all day everywhere was well decorated and tasted good but it was not possible to take snap of everything because it is important to socialize some special days rather than taking too many photos of everything.



I was craving for soft ice cream all these days so I enjoyed my favorite chocolate sundays sitting outside later in the evening. I loved it so much. There were cool breeze accompanied by beautiful sunshine and we didn’t want to miss our Mandatory Eid photoshoot.




Don’t forget to share with me your pictures  and Eid details! Please leave your links if you also sharing The Eid Day post ! I will love so much to check it out.




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    1. Nice to know that ! May be you can celebrate with your Muslim friends sometime 😊 The day starts with prayer and then meeting greeting and festive food 🙂 so happy to find a Bengali here 🌸


  1. I just loved this post… I should say all in one – gorgeous you, pretty outfit, beautiful makeup and the food pics just made me hungry.. thank you 😊😊😊

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