Tivoli Garden ~ Copenhagen, Denmark

Our spring trip was very interesting this year because it was a road trip. If you have read my previous blog post and have seen the trailer so you  have already the idea of the places that we have been. If you have missed that post then you can find it here in this link https://sparklingbeautybee.com/2018/05/19/spring-trip-2018/

Today I will tell you all about Tivoli Garden. I think you will find it much fun to see below the YouTube video yourself and get the vibe.

So this is the part 1 of the spring trip and more videos are in our pipeline so if you subscribe to this channel and ring the notification bell then you will get to see the brand new episodes of the rest of the story.


So let’s get back to Tivoli Garden. Spring was just perfect to enjoy the bloom but summer would be great too if not too hot. I recommend this place to the people of all ages. This place is very close to central station so if you are going to Copenhagen, Denmark by bus or train then just a few steps of walk will lead you to this garden.



If you have a day to spend in Denmark then this garden is mind blowing to relax. Entry ticket is 110 Danish currency. I am not sure if it varies in different seasons but this is what was when I was there. There are varieties of options for ticket. You can even be the member of the garden and take a card for multiple entries throughout the year. So talk to the entrance gate before purchase and get the one that is best suited for you.


There are options of locker system so you can keep all your luggage safely in the locker that you can rent for all day long. they have all sizes lockers so you can keep your luggage safely whatever the size is. There is a beautiful place where the toilet is situated. They have made a really cute toilet area with lots of jungle sounds which I enjoyed, though my husband was annoyed with the wired sound system. You don’t have to worry to get refreshed as you can wash your face, get makeup done, then you have a lot of food corners.But I must say the toilet facility is really good there.


There are huge options for food. All the places , every corner has some sort of food options. Just explore and decide what you wanna eat. Drinks , ice cream, Main meal of different countries are available.



The park is very decorated. The flowers , butterflies , peacock makes a really festive environment. There are so many different rides. If you are adventures then you may love to try those. Some are really terrible and some are relaxing. You have the option to choose any of those or just skip the rides but still you will have a lot to do.


At the entrance you will have a map so you can decide and mark what are things that you want to explore. I will say from my experience that every corner is worth watching.

If you are vising Denmark I will totally recommend this place. If I go to Denmark again am I going to visit this park again  ? Totally yes!


Hope this post helps you to find something interesting. Please share with me your thoughts. If you have already visited this place then do not forget to tell me your story!



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