The reason why I stopped posting & here is why I am back !

It’s been such a long time that I posted anything and I missed so much my blog posts as much you guys missed.

Last year September we ( me & my husband) flew back to our home Bangladesh from Stockholm, we weren’t exactly sure if we wanted to go back to Stockholm again because we had bigger plans at home and also we applied to migrate to Canada but wasn’t sure if we really wanted that too or if our application was going to be accepted.

In Dhaka it’s alwsys nice to live with own family, Parents and siblings and if you have been following my social media you know how much fun I was having.

If you want all my updates about life changes, makeup , shopping , or anything then I will recommend you to follow my Instagram where I post stories sharing instant updates.

Anyways, in Dhaka we decorated our home , tried to make it as cozy and comfortable possible , started training in Dermatology which is my dream speciality as a physician and pretty much thought not to move anywhere. Some beauty companies in Dhaka started to contact me to collaborate with them , sent me PR packages and I was loving that life.

In this busy cozy life I was making YouTube videos and trying to grow my channel and also I was more active on my Instagram but I couldn’t make a time to post here , another reason was my laptop was causing a lot of trouble because of aging so I was totally waiting to start in a brand new way with a brand new laptop.

Suddenly one morning we got a letter saying that we are accepted as immigrants in Canada and we need to fly shortly ! I wasn’t sure if I should be happy or sad ! It was a long awaiting dream to move to Canada. On the other hand I was so much in love with my current life in Dhaka. Anyways we decided to fly to Canada and within 2months we came here in Toronto.

It was actually a mixed feeling when I just moved here, the excitement was less than I expected and there is of course a reason behind ! I will definitely share that in my next post ! It has to be another big announcement so I am just skipping that here and please do not miss my next post for that update.

Now I am loving my life in Toronto everyday a little more ! I have got this pretty notebook where I write all my goals and wishlist that inspires me a lot. I truly believe that where ever I go I should leave a little sparkle and that is the charm of life.

Now that many companies knocking me in Toronto and they want to start collaborating with me through my blog here I am back again and excited to share my work with you. I am decorating my working place , waiting for my MacBook Pro to arrive soon and very much excited about everything!

Thank you for always being with me !

I love you so much


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Hi there! Welcome to my blog 'SparklingBeautyBee' . Thank you so much for showing interest for my blog :) I am Sadia from Toronto, Canada. I started my blog while living in Stockholm, Sweden few years back. My blog is all about product reviews that I liked and sometime I let you know if I do not like anything about ! I also love to give tips on health and fashion that I know or have experienced. I am a travel person and art is my hobby. Being a doctor sometimes I need to stay away from these for a while but at the end of the day you will always find me here where I found my peace. So you will be reading posts on makeup, health, fashion, art and travel experiences. Hope you enjoy reading and for any business inquires always contact me

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