Back to School/ Uni OR Travel Essentials

The weather is changing. Soon the nature will turn into fall colours. Now it is time to get ready to go back to school or University. All we need to do is to prepare ourselves for routined busy life again without hampering our beauty routine. Summer is over & we all know the big holiday season is ahead so many of us plan for travel. Keeping all that in mind I thought let’s gather all the essentials for going back to school and also get prepared for upcoming travel days.

I am thankful to Brill communications ;link & mcptri ; link for sending me a goodie bag full of back to school beauty essentials and inspiring me to write this post for you so that it makes easier for you to not to forget your beauty essentials and go through them with ease while focusing on what truly matters on upcoming travel and school days.

Whether we are travelling or going to university all that is important is to maintain time. First I want to share with you all those shower caddy essentials that is sent to me.

A soft clean well absorbent towel can give us ultimate comfort if we place it near our reach all the time whether we are travelling or just having shower before heading out to school, university or work place. I got this 100% cotton towel by IKEA ,size 70X140 cm which I absolutely love. It has a hanging hook which is convenient and I always prefer using my own towel even when I am staying in hotels.

For healthy shiny hair nothing can be better than having a shampoo & conditioner in a single wash. So the first shower caddy essential is Finesse Clean+ Soft 2 in 1 shampoo and conditioner.

It saves time as we do not need to spend extra time to condition our hair, I personally love the fragrance of the shampoo which is very refreshing and perfect to boost up confidence with beautiful easily manageable hair. Hair feels very soft and fresh after wash.

The next Shower caddy essential is Yardly London Classics Luxurious Body Wash.

The one that is sent to me is the flavour of English Lavender. This is a luxurious body wash & I am a super fan of it. Lavender is absolutely my favourite flavour & I am so lucky that among different flavors I got this one! Thanks again to Brill Communications & mcptri for sending me my favourite flavour! To lather the body wash the next essential I got is EcoTools Exfoliating Ecopouf, which is very gentle to skin but does the job as it should very quickly!

If you have used any other brand then you can definitely notice the difference.

The next thing which I am excited about & which is something that I always love to pack on any of my bag and also keep one in my vanity is cleansing wipe.

They are so handy and easy to remove makeup and feel refreshed instantly. I have got J.R. Watkins Hydrating Aloe & Green Tea Face and Body Towelettes which is very soothing and gentle on skin. I love the ingredients they used here which is absolutely beneficial for skin.

Moving on to the colourful pouch that I have got ! This pouch is all about dental care and home facial.

Carry Clean Dental Travel Pack allows to pack my dental essentials in minimum possible space. It includes Colgate Total Advanced Health Toothpaste, Interdental piks and toothbrush.

when I am travelling I often forget Interdental piks and even my toothbrush at the last moment but this Carry Clean Dental Travel Pack is so inspiring and won’t let me forget a thing.

Another essential part of our daily life is a beautiful smile. When we are traveling or doing long our classes all we do is drink a lot caffeine and that is when our teeth get stained. However, we need a smart pearl white smile and who doesn’t desire that? if you are a traveler and create vlogs like I do , then you know how badly I need a white smile for my pictures and vlogs. A white smile always boost up our confidence; so Natural White 5 Minute Whitening Kit is going to do that magic here!

Again I just love the fact that it comes in a compact package and doesn’t require much space in the bag.

Next, I would love to mention Lypsyl Original Lip Balm which I am a fan of for a very long time.

It is very convenient to keep in my purse and use as needed. it is made from beeswax and free from any harmful ingredients. We do not always want a tinted lip; it enhances the natural beauty in the classroom and travel days while maintaining hydration and preventing Chappy lips.

Those who already follow my posts for a long time and also subscribed to my YouTube Channel, you know how much fan I am of home facials. I think home facial is not just time saver but also I can have the control over the products that I am using on my skin. It is hygienic, relaxing and time saver. Specially when school or university starts it is hard to find a time for facial appointments. During travel skincare is very important.

The rest of the products I found in this goodie bag is all about taking care of skin ourselves which is fast , easy and time saver.

Freeman Beauty’s Serum-Infused Sheet Mask is amazing for brightening up the skin while providing all the hydration that is needed.

To elevate the mood and feel totally refreshed I love to keep a body mist in my bag wherever I am going. I have got this body mist by Calgon which has the flavour of Japanese Cherry Blossom.

I am in absolutely love with this scent. I totally recommend to try this body mist ! Anytime I spray this mist I feel like everything feels positive and my surrounding feels with sparkles of joy.

That is everything I had in my goodie bag! I cannot mentioned how much happiness and confidence it gives you when you have everything organized before starting a new routine or going back to old routine after a long time. Whether we are going to travel or start the new session of classes all we need to focus on is what really matters and keep our beauty essentials all packed in the reach of our hands; so we can still feel fresh and beautiful no matter how busy our life is.

Let me know in the comment below if you are prepared with your easy going beauty essentials before going back to school or University. I would highly appreciate if you share your opinion about my thoughts on these beauty products and if you would like to add some other essentials along with these.



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