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This is the question that everyone asks me ever since I have moved to Toronto. Most of the people ask me that if I find any major difference in everyday life here in comparison to my life in Sweden. I spent four long years of my life in Sweden and I just moved to Canada this year. So obviously every now and then the comparisons with Swedish life arise here.

Stockholm will be in my heart forever because that was my first abroad life after marriage. We went abroad before that but just for short trips and that was around Asia. So coming together in Europe as a couple and having our own house where we bought every single thing with so much love in our own hands obviously made so much sweet memories. But today I am not going to elaborate much about my life in Stockholm about which I have so much memories to share; may be in some other day.

Now let’s talk about my Toronto life. I moved to Toronto while I was already in my 2nd trimester of pregnancy. So life in Toronto started in a huge different way than ever. Before coming to Toronto I spent almost 6 months in Dhaka with my family which was amazing. After spending four years in Stockholm I was really enjoying Dhaka with family as I missed the whole family thing a lot. So moving to Toronto was not very thrilling at the beginning. Pregnancy itself is a time of hormonal ups and downs with blast of emotions. So getting ready for Toronto was actually giving me a lot of anxiety. The long journey being pregnant was freaking me out. I am not so much fan of air travel in general but I constantly need to do that. So overall I wasn’t really feeling for Toronto.

After moving here things started to change pretty fast. Alhamdulillah my pregnancy days went pretty well. I actually had no idea that time will fly so fast. We got a new home so started shopping for the new place which is always exciting to me. I started making my blogging network, a lot of companies started approaching me to work and collaborate. Overall every where I was getting a positive vibe which very soon started to give me that feeling of home. I found so many known faces around Toronto so that was another positive addition.

There are a lot of similarities in between Sweden and Canada specially in terms of weather. But definitely Canadian winter feels more extreme than Sweden specially the windy days. This is my first winter here and I can already feel it. I can tell you more after I live the whole winter season for the first time here.

I definitely love my life here. Every paper work that I needed upon my arrival went super fast which is in compared to Sweden much better. I also love this multicultural situation where I never feel like a foreigner. So far the behaviour I got from different people here are so nice , humble and helpful. My son born here so this city will be always very precious to me.

I am lucky to have a really nice apartment where the neighbourhood is wonderful and it is specious enough for my small family. It is not too big either so that I do not have to run too much to keep it clean and tidy. I really love the huge glass windows which keeps the living room bright and lovely all day and I get perfect day light for my YouTube videos.

I love the all about food here in Toronto which I missed much in Sweden. We get here any type of food from all over the world which are all fresh and tasty. I find it so much easier to shop anything and everything online including grocery. I love the way how easily I can get in touch with so many different companies for influencers collaboration. I love that the way of communication here is English. In Sweden everyone can speak English but they expect you to speak Swedish. Eventually I learned to speak Swedish fluently but still a newly learned language was never comfortable for me to express all my emotions. I love that now I can communicate in English without feeling guilty.

I love shopping and I find huge opportunity here to anywhere and everywhere and I can find every makeup brand here some of which I missed during living in Europe. Overall I feel like I have much more options in every situation here.

One major important thing is that I am so much happy with the healthcare system in Canada in compared to Sweden. So far I had good experience with all doctors and nurses when I met them as a patient in contrast my experience in Sweden was completely different in a negative way. May be many people are happy with Swedish Healthcare system but unfortunately my personal experience was not good at all. Even no one could draw my blood in a single attempt ever in Sweden which was ridiculous and that never happened to me in any other part of the world.

If we think about studying in college or universities, I can see so many different options here. Besides Masters there are diploma courses and practical short term training in varieties of subjects from which one can actually get a job and start earning which is amazing.

The best part of life in Canada is that even if you live alone you won’t really feel lonely. There are so many options where you can actually keep yourself engage and be a part of community. All you need to do is to find what is best for you.

Lastly I would say that most part of your happiness is depending on how you plan to live your life. There are certain things that happens about which we cannot do anything but we should definitely work on that which is in our control to make our life happy. We can be happy living in any part of the world if our soul creating a positive vibe. Just one last example; If I decide to live in Canada and I keep saying I cannot tolerate cold weather and I hate snowy winter then that will really not make any sense. I just need to know the art of making my snowy days charming and memorable. I want to repeat again , leave a little sparkle wherever you go …….. please read this post



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Hi there! Welcome to my blog 'SparklingBeautyBee' . Thank you so much for showing interest for my blog :) I am Sadia from Toronto, Canada. I started my blog while living in Stockholm, Sweden few years back. My blog is all about product reviews that I liked and sometime I let you know if I do not like anything about ! I also love to give tips on health and fashion that I know or have experienced. I am a travel person and art is my hobby. Being a doctor sometimes I need to stay away from these for a while but at the end of the day you will always find me here where I found my peace. So you will be reading posts on makeup, health, fashion, art and travel experiences. Hope you enjoy reading and for any business inquires always contact me

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