My learnings from 2019 that I would carry throughout the years to come

We often plan for something and get upset when the plan doesn’t work in the way that we want but Allah is the greatest planner. If we can believe that what didn’t happen is just because that was good for us then we can always be happy and work towards the better opportunities. Allah plans what is best for us and we get things when it is just right time for us.

We need to have patience, trust in our religion and pray regularly. Prayer is the best meditation and healing of any sort of pain; solution of all our worries and anxieties. When we ask something in prayer we should trust that we will get only what is best for us. What is destined for us may be bigger than what we think we want for ourselves.

If we are successful and happy with our achievements then we need to continue with the same effort to maintain but if success is not achieved doing the same thing repeatedly then obviously we need to re think and take new strategy very thoughtfully.

If someone has done something wrong with you they will realize one day. May be it will take a certain period of time but they will realize and we do not have to worry about that. Taking revenge is not a good solution always but forgiveness is the best method of healing.

If we are confused about telling something to someone we should take time and place ourselves in the other person’s situation to realize how that feels. This is the best way to understand what is right thing to say to someone. Telling something to someone on right time is very important. Same words at different time has different impact.

Proper nutrition is very important for physical and mental health. Regular unhealthy diet can ruin everything. But occasionally we need to be treated with any food that we love whether it looks healthy or not. Good sleep is equally important as food. A good foot or body massage can be great stress reliever. Self feet massage using a good foot cream can also present a goodnight sleep. Drinking enough fluid makes a big difference.

Being thankful for what we have but never stop dreaming. Dream big but a meaningful practical dream and work towards that will make it reality. Opportunity comes in our way, we just need to identify that or else we need to create one.

I wish you all a very happy and successful year.

Please share your valuable learnings with me in the comment below. I am eagerly waiting for that.



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