National Lash Day

Today 19th February is national lash day. This day reminds us how important our lashes are in enhancement of our beauty and we should appreciate our lashes. It is time to celebrate the beauty of both natural and false lashes. I am just talking about the beauty part here because national lash day focuses mainly the importance of beauty that is enhanced by our lashes.

Obviously besides beauty our lashes play big role in protection of our eyes. Lashes keep our eyes safe from external particles that could enter and cause harm to our eyes. By external particles I mean dust , small particles like debris etc.

I am not a big fan of false lashes for everyday use but I definitely think that falsies enhance our beauty quite a lot. The reason I do not like to wear false lashes all the time is due to the time consumption. It doesn’t just take time to wear properly but also after removing them it is a bit job to take away the glue from eyelids. I often find that the glue takes time to go away completely. But I obviously love myself with false lashes for glam days. Proper cleaning of false lashes actually increase their longevity and a pair of lash can be used even up to 25 times.

Taking proper care of our own natural lashes are important. We do not need to do a lot things but just removing makeup properly , specially the mascara is very important. I always prefer using a good branded mascara for my lashes and make sure that does not flake. Oh the most important thing is that we need to replace our mascara often to protect our eyes and lashes. By replacing I mean to make sure that the product is not expired because we often just do not pay or forget to pay attention of the expiry date of the makeup and for specially eye make up it is very important.

I am not a big fan of using different lashes or serum on my lashes just because I feel like everything is going inside my eyes which could be just my thought. But if you can actually use castor oil on your lashes they are going to enhance the natural beauty. All we need is to be consistent.

Hope our lashes get some extra attention today 🙂 and we keep going with that.



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