First Luxury Shopping

When it comes to luxury shopping specially the first fashion luxury it is the most confusing one; at least that is something what I feel. The reason is having a huge wish list and not be able to get that all at a time. To choose just one item among all of those favourites is not a joke. However, we need to start somewhere.

There was a time that I used to think that buying luxury handbags are total wastage of money and used to calculate that I can buy almost 15 or more bags with that amount of money which will get me only one luxury handbag. Back then to me fashion was to have so many different seasonal handbags which would match my outfit but most of those bags used to disappear eventually when the season is gone or I am another year older or so.

Now with advancement of age and the environment where I am living my perspective has changed a lot about my handbag collection. I think social media also plays a huge role to change our view towards fashion products. Having nearby luxury shops and visit them often also influence us.

So let me share my current thoughts and feelings about luxury items. Now I feel that I better have few alternatives but only luxury pieces. These high end bags that can be considered as good investment. Even though I do not see myself reselling any of my luxury items but the option will be always open. I also feel that collection of these bags made by high end brands will be memorable forever and even my next generation can enjoy carrying them because vintage luxury items have even greater value. My plan is to collect these bags in different occasions to make them historic.

I always love to have some story behind my valuable purchases. It actually makes that item more valuable to me. Almost all my jewelries and watches have some story behind. Some of these items I got during a trip, marriage anniversary, graduation , birthday or for any other achievements.

I have shared so many Wish-lists in last couple of years about different items including luxury handbags. I was going through all my wish lists last week and was checking how much I have fulfilled the list over the time. I was pretty impressed to see that I got most of it excluding luxury handbags. I have noticed something while going through the list. I found that my taste has changed a bit over the time. Some handbags I listed before is no longer attracting me so I thought I need to do an updated list.

The world today is flowing with trend but I feel that the first luxury item should be something classic. Someone who is already a pro buying luxury handbags, doing a lot collaborations with those brands and also showcasing them as a model; trendy luxury items are a need for them. If they do not show us then how would we know about those launching ? But for all general people it is better to have classic bags which actually can fulfil the daily needs and at the same time reflect their personality, providing their signature style. I have a very short list of handbags right now but never know when it is going to change.

Even two years back I wasn’t really craving for a luxury handbag but this year I am. Similarly I may want some trendy luxury bags few years later but right now not feeling that at all. We will see what happens.

I am also not sure if it is only just me or many of you who are not feeling much for all those 2020 trends. Definitely I see some very weird trendy items which I do not think I will ever go for. I am going to discuss that in another post.

So after lots of research and thoughts I have finally decided to go for Louis Vuitton. Louis Vuitton is known to be the most counterfeited luxury brand in, the world so I decided to start with this brand. Chanel is obviously on my top list but right now I am not ready with that crazy high price point of this brand.

Now I want to share with you those two handbags that I have been eyeing for a long time and finally decided to get both of these eventually.

SPEEDY BANDOULIÈRE 25 in monogram print is in my Wishlist. I am so glad that I didn’t purchase it 2 years back as that time I was loving and planning to get SPEEDY CLASSIC 30 and now I totally feel different. I feel that bag is such a huge one for my height and body structure. I can see that size 25 looks just perfect for my daily needs. This would be my 2nd LV purchase hopefully.

As my first luxury bag I want LV ALMA BB. I love the Damier Ebene for this design. It is not considered as a classic bag yet but it is definitely the trendy version of classic timeless ALMA. So it can be considered as a mixture of both, I mean a trendy bag with that classic vibe which is wonderful. I strongly feel that eventually ALMA BB will take place as a classic piece.

Let me know your thoughts about luxury purchase and if you have any piece of advice for me , please do share.



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