Primrose oil by 2Naturelle

Primrose oil is very popular for its tremendous medicinal benefit. From ancient times it has been used for the cure of so many diseases including skin disorders. I always wanted to try this but it didn’t happen until 2naturelle introduced me to their brand of natural skin care items that included Primrose oil. Thanks so much to 2naturelle for sending me all the goodies with so much love and I am now totally hooked to this magical primrose oil. The instagram page of 2naturelle has more details of all their items which is available here

I got all these wonderful goodies and thanks to 2naturelle

I truly believe that to get the maximum benefit of a product it is highly important to choose a good brand to get it from. Because to maintain the quality it is important how the product is manufactured , packed and distributed. Often a great product doesn’t work efficiently due to improper handling. Even though if we buy natural clean beauty items with wonderful ingredients but we need to choose a good brand too to get the maximum benefit. 2naturelle is a Canadian brand and the way it arrived to me was very pleasing. The packaging is very much practical. Just by looking at the packaging I feel relaxed. The primrose oil that I got comes in a sprayer bottle which is fantastic. It makes the application very easy , hygienic and more effective.

Now I want to share with you my recent experiences so that you can get a full picture of the reason why I am loving this product so much.

First of all this primrose oil is very hydrating. In this dry Canadian weather it is very effective in soothing the dry patches and maintain a healthy glow in the skin. I apply it a lot in the back of my hand specially after having my baby. Now that I have a baby, my hands come in contact with water more than ever and that causes dry patches very easily & more often in the back of my hand. Even after using a lot hand cream it wasn’t improving but the primrose oil worked overnight.

Now let’s share Another story. Suddenly I had a muscle pull yesterday in my upper back area which was really painful and I couldn’t really do anything all day. In the evening before going to bed I remembered my favourite Primrose oil and thought let’s have a good massage and see if that works. My husband helped me to apply the primrose oil in the painful area and gave me a light massage, I fall asleep instantly as it was making me feel relaxed and feel so much better. In the morning I was looking for my pain and I was very much surprised that the pain was all gone. Now I am not sure if the topical application of Primrose oil instantly removed my pain or it had to go away by itself but definitely I felt so good. This primrose oil is known to have anti inflammatory properties so it might actually play a vital role in reducing pain.

I also have a tendency to have back acne and this product is also effective to prevent that. So I love to spray this primrose oil in my upper back area and actually any where in the skin that I feel the need. I love how beautifully it sprays and spreads the product evenly over my skin.

If you’re looking for Primrose oil I will highly recommend to check 2naturelle for the best quality product.

Please share your thoughts about Primrose oil and ask me if you have any queries.



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