Our Eid Day | Eid al-Adha 2020

Eid Mubarak !

This year Eid days are celebrated in a very different way. We celebrated a whole different kind of Eid Al-Adha but Alhamdulillah it was beautiful. Eid Ul Adha of course felt much more normal than Eid Ul Fitr this year. People around us did get together and invited us to join for which we are thankful but we are still feeling that we need to maintain social distancing as long as everything is not fully back to normal. We definitely go to the public places taking all the precautions and maintaining all the new rules but that is only to do what is necessity and unavoidable. Unnecessary gathering, get togethers are something we are still uncomfortable and don’t find it wise to do so.

I believe that setting up our mind and analyzing our priority is very important. For now we feel that trying to stay healthy and avoiding unnecessary outing and gathering is the best thing not only for physical safety but also to stay away from unnecessary anxiety.

Anyways lets’ get back to the topic about what we did in this special Eid Day.

We cooked some special food but I tried to prepare our traditional Eid food, didn’t try any new recipe. All the recipes that I made are mostly available on my vlog channel which is “Travel with Sadia and Anwar.” I will soon post our Eid day vlog in our channel.

We went to different parks and spend our time in close to the nature. A kid is entertaining enough to make you smile so it wasn’t any different in the Eid Day. I am glad that Zara has beautiful collections not only for adults but also for kids. I bought my baby’s Eid dresses from Zara which was just perfect as Eid outfit. The kids collection from Zara comes with style and comfort which I love.

Eid photoshoot is always fun. We enjoyed our time in close to nature, baby was experiencing new things like sitting alone on the top of a stone etc which he found really thrilling. It is fun to see how babies experience everything for the first time.

We did not want to miss the photoshoot during sunset which is always one of my favourite hour for photoshoot.

About two months back during Eid ul Fitr baby was still too small to understand the fun part of festive lights but in this Eid when I turned the decorative lights on he was very excited.

This is how we spent our Eid Day in a simple way but Alhamdulillah we had a happy day. I just pray that Allah (SWT) keep us all healthy, happy and safe. I also pray that Allah (SWT) eases the pain of everyone who lost their loved ones and passing difficult time during this really hard period.

We tried to take some family photo which is not easy specially making the baby smile towards the lens is the most difficult thing ! These pictures are nothing but memories for future and they make the most precious memories when we get older. I love going through my pictures and albums that I made in the past! Do you do that as well? I am really curious if it is just me or everyone!

Before I finish this post today I feel like to share one of my Eid selfie which turned out my favourite after the longest time. I mean the camera angle looks pretty well ! So let’s share !!!



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