Happy First Birthday to BABY ARASH (PART 1)

August 24, 2019 at 5.01 pm my baby boy was born ! Today we are celebrating his first birthday Alhamdulillah. I am so happy and emotional at the same time 🥰😭🥺😘😍. I am just so surprised thinking that how fast time flies.

HAPPY FIRST BIRTHDAY  to my Baby boy Shahzaib Yasin Quadir. We call him Arash, that is his nickname.

Time flies so fast, so if you are a new parent try to enjoy every moment even though some days seems really difficult but everything passes soon. Only the good memories remain after a while, which we cherish but also miss so much …. I still remember that tiny little face came home with me from hospital and how excited I was ! I was very nervous too , I didn’t know how could I manage everything …. it feels like yesterday but one year has gone really quick ! 
May Allah Bless him Always …. please keep him in your prayers so that he can be a good human being 💜

Baby birthday vlog is coming soon ….. So if you haven’t subscribed to my vlog channel yet please do that! I will share the birthday prep vlog and also
the birthday vlog soon ! Today I am sharing some pictures of our birthday celebration ! We are actually still celebrating for last 3 days , doing photoshoots, cake smash pictures and more. You will get to see them all in upcoming posts. This birthday blog will be a series of posts and today is the first. I hope you will enjoy.

Birthdays are always special but first birthday is definitely extra special. All parents try to make baby’s first birthday really special in their own way. After my posts on social media I got a lot questions about the decorations, how I planned and all so I will be sharing some today and in my upcoming posts , also my vlog will definitely give you more clear idea.

Now for the current situation of the world we planned to celebrate it just ourselves. We wanted to make this birthday memorable for my baby so I planned everything ahead of time. I am not going much outside for shopping these days and try to shop mostly online. I try to avoid unnecessary outing and save my time to go close to the nature, beautiful places where there is not much crowd and comparatively safer. So I bought most things from Amazon and few items from party city.

If you want to know about anything particular from the picture please do comment me in the comment section , you can also email me anytime.

I have realized that even though I am a prime member in amazon and things arrive in a day but often my favourite things are out of stock so before any occasion it is best to search and buy a month before so that you’re stress free.

Whenever I think about something for my baby boy all that comes to my mind is the colour blue. Silver and blue is my favourite combination so while buying anything I check that if I could find that in blue. We planned our outfit in blue as well. I was looking for another chance to wear my memorable outfit which I wore in maternity shoot ! That was one off my favourite gown so I thought baby’s birthday was just the perfect day to wear that outfit again. So me and my husband wore that outfit and we felt so happy thinking that now we have our baby with us ! I bought three different outfits for my baby ! But this outfit that he is wearing in the pictures today is the main birthday outfit. We got it from H&M.

We got his birthday cake from Lindt! Omg I just cannot explain how delicious it was ! I highly recommend this chocolate cake ! Even if you’re not a fan of chocolate cakes it will be really hard not to like it ! If you’re in Canada you can get this cake in Metro as well! My baby just loved his birthday cake so much and it made my heart melt ! I cooked our traditional Kacchi Biriyani and baby loved that too !

I was actually surprised to see that how much a one year old can actually understand. It was heart melting to see that baby was enjoying his birthday so much !

We did a lot photoshoot ! Taking photos of one year old is the hardest thing which in the photos you will not realize but actually it was a pretty hard job ! I had to play the tricks to take some of this best shots ! We played his favourite music and entertained him with his favourite snacks so that for few moments he was busy and sat still so I did my job !

There are more pictures to share as we took many many ! I feel like sharing many pictures will help others to get some ideas for their little ones! Everyone can give their own touch of beauty so even though you will take ideas but your plan will still remain unique.

I hope you are enjoying reading this blog post! More coming soon…….



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