In my last blog post I promised to share the most wanted wooden tires / slabs that is very trendy right now and everyone is looking for it. After I bought them and posted several pictures and I got so many questions about where to find them. I bought them from and you can find them just by clicking here.

Check this picture below and click to see what I am talking about

You may find them in a lot different places but I bought it exactly from this seller that I have mentioned and honestly I am so happy because I got the best quality products for the best price. Before buying I was not sure if I needed all three or just one. I am so happy that I made the right decision and got a set of three. These wooden slabs are game changer. Ever since I have started serving on these my guests seem happier than ever. Everybody these days praising my food serving skills and I believe that is because of the magic of these serving woods.

If you follow my Instagram stories you will see how often I use them and how versatile they are. They can be even used for cutting boards. If you like working in kitchen where aesthetic vibe is 100% then you surely need this set.

Sometime I serve them single and sometimes I stack them and make a taller stage for my food. I bought these last year to place the birthday cake of my son where we had a jungle theme. But I didn’t know back then that I will make so much use out of it. Every time we serve food outdoors for whoever occasion including picnic I use these. I use them as a board while cutting vegetables for my Youtube channel. I serve Iftar on them everyday during Ramadan. Every way they look so good. The spread looks amazing on the top.

I will try to share some pictures of me using them at different times.

The best thing is that after almost two years of non stop use they still look as new as I bought. These are really sturdy. I wash them with soap and water after use and just dry them immediately so that they look just perfect.

This is how I used them for the first time.
Stack of wooden slab holding the cake

Serving Iftar in different wooden tray and dishes including the Slabs

If you have any further queries you can always ask me. Hope now you know the secret of easy and beautiful way to serve your food.



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