Dry Eye and it’s relief drop

Dry eye is very common these days. The most common reason is our lifestyle that includes extended screen time. In Canada it is more common due to the weather. My dry eye symptoms triggers during seasonal changes like spring and winter. Sometime hot summer days are also drying.

Few years back even before I had any dry eye symptoms like foreign body sensation etc my eye doctor told me to use lubricating eye drops just to keep my vision better, eyes moist and comfortable only whenever I have more screen time. But over the years I developed dry eye symptoms because I was not really using any drops until I felt discomfort. About two years back I got this wonderful over the counter eye drop on amazon which I am a big fan of !

This is the eye drop that you can find in Amazon.ca and also you can check the picture below.

I do not use it all the time. I use it in the days when I need more screen time or I feel my eyes are irritated. I get immediate relief. I love this drop because it is preservative free which is safe for long time use. It is very soothing and easily applicable.

This is my eye drop that I have been using for last two years
You just need to squeeze lightly so the drop comes out

I am a doctor but not an eye doctor so if you have any eye discomfort I will suggest you to first check with your ophthalmologist 100% of the time. This drop is just a symptom relief process and you can plan to use it only when you know your eyes are otherwise healthy. Everything I am telling you is my personal experience. First when I was having eye discomfort like foreign body sensation , redness I checked my eyes with my doctor and made sure everything was okay. My dry eyes are mostly seasonal and also depends on my screen time. So if you’re also having the same issues like me this eye drop could be a big relief.

Hope you have a happy rest of the day.



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