Terre Bleu Lavender Farm Canada

I am a big fan of farms. A lot of people ask me why I am always so excited about farms. To be honest I find it the best way to go close to the nature and keep a day off from blue screen. But I take a loot of pictures and next few days I spent a lot of time in front of my laptop editing them and sharing through my social media. This has become a favourite hobby of mine and I truly find it peaceful.

Terrebleu Lavender farm was in my bucket list from last year and I am so happy that this year finally I could visit this huge farm. This farm is quiet strict about booking your spot and their tickets sells out pretty fast. Terrebleu Lavender farm was in my bucket list from last year and I am so happy that this year finally I could visit this huge farm. This farm is quite strict about booking your spot and their tickets sells out pretty fast. The best way to book a spot is doing it online through TerreBleu website weeks prior to visit and reach during the window period that they provide. Even though we reached about an hour late but there was no difficulty with the admission because they allowed every single guest to enter regardless their specific booking time. I am not sure if that happens all the time or only because it was a special busy road that particular day due to some toad traffic accidents.

This Lavender farm is unique for their special arrangement for Social media influencers or anyone who loves taking unique pictures. There is a yellow door, a trail with yellow bench, a spot for relaxing and lunch, several different sitting areas, Gorgeous Horses that you can enjoy.

Their shop is cute as well with lavender flavoured varieties of items. In terms of the lavender field I would say it is pretty big but I wasn’t much impressed with the bloom. But I think in Toronto you cannot really find any better bloom at least I couldn’t find any better yet. All the beautiful bushy waist height lavenders that I see in gather pictures are mostly in Vancouver, BC and I dream to visit there some day.

I am happy that I got to try their famous Lavender Ice Cream , not a big fan though.

I got a lot compliment for the outfit that I worn. I will share some of the links that will help to find you pretty similar items. A straw hat is a must in the farms that not just protect you from sun and rain but also makes some great pictures.

Check another favourite hat of mine on amazon.

I think white is the best colour outfit for farm days and I got my skirt from Aritzia. You can definitely find similar on amazon for there fraction of that price compared to Aritzia but I love Aritzia for many reasons about which we will be taking later.

The wrapped top is from Michael kors and was so lucky to find such a pretty lavender top. There are so many other options too. My cute farm bag made by straw brought the complete farm vibe in my opinion.

Similar bags are available on amazon and you can check it here.

Sandals look best with farm day outfit but I prefer sneakers because they are more comfortable for walking long hours and also saves our feet from dust. This is actually a personal prefers whatever comfortable.

I am sure you’re curious about how much I loved or hated the lavender Ice cream . Please watch my vlog to see my whole experience including the ice Cream tasting.

I hope you can find some of your favourites and summer essentials for farm days in this post and also you have got an idea about Terre Bleu Lavender farm before paying a visit. Talk to you soon in my next post.



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