Louis Vuitton Pochette Accessories Review | Is it still worth it in 2022? | Mod shots | What fits

Louis Vuitton Pochette Accessories is such a hard to find bag and My story of getting this bag was not an easy one. There are strategies that you need to follow to find this bag. In my video I have explained in details the way to get this bag. Recently LV has increased their price insanely once again and I feel crazy about it ! The price increase this time made mane people take out of their list forever but may be LV wanted this. All luxury brands are pretty much following the same path to keep their brand exclusive. I think even though the price is insane it is time probably to get this this bag now otherwise never because I do not see any reason to buy this cute little bag near or over $2000 in near future. The demand of this bag is increasing each day and I see this bag to be very demanding in upcoming days.

Watch this video to learn more if you have this bag in your mind :

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I have some pictures of me carrying this bag just to give you an idea how it looks.

I am wearing the bag cross body but attaching chain

I rocked the bag during my birthday. Check the picture below and let me know if you think the same.

This bag elevates any outfit. There are many ways you can style this bag.

My birthday

The day I received this bag I took few pictures for you. You will see me wearing this bag a lot if you check my Instagram sparklingbeautybee.

Hope this review helps you to decide if you want to or not get this bag. If you are looking to buy this bag do not forget at all to watch the full video.



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4 thoughts on “Louis Vuitton Pochette Accessories Review | Is it still worth it in 2022? | Mod shots | What fits

  1. Hi I am new to LV. I ordered the Damier Azur pochette online, however, I was underwhelmed. I have ordered items from Dior, Saint Laurent, and Chanel; and it’s always packaged beautifully- even when it is a lipgloss! This bag was throw in the LV box, no tissue, not wrapped etc. It had a dent crease on the front of it. The coloring already looked a bit yellow to me. I paid over $1300 for this! I did initiate an exchange. Is this normal? To get an expensive bag thrown in the box (did have the dustbag on it) without tissue or careful wrapping? I will look at the new one when it comes, but not sure it is worth keeping it.

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    1. I am surprised & sorry that it arrived like that ! Mine came nicely but I don’t remember if they had tissue inside , probably not but otherwise it was packed nicely with ribbon. The bag looked perfect. But it’s true a lot people complain these days & their quality getting poor , I haven’t faced it yet. I agree Chanel & Dior packaging is much higher standard & feels more luxurious for sure. Let me know how was your next experience.


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