New Start 2023

Happy New Year Everyone!

It is a new start with new hope, welcome 2023! Every year we talk about New Year’s resolution but this year all I want is to stay flexible & grab opportunities according to my situation. I believe that the more relax we can be the better result we can achieve in life.

Now that I have a bigger family with kids , I need to adjust rest of the things accordingly so staying calm & not overthinking has to be the key to happiness.

Looking back to 2022 I feel accomplished and happy. I am grateful to Allah (SWT) for giving me patience and strength to overcome all the difficulties past year and achieve what I needed to achieve.

2022 in a nutshell

The biggest achievement was completing my Diploma in Cosmetology in Toronto which was a long time dream. It was challenging as we were the students who had to complete it during horrible covid situation & having a 6 month old at home I started the course. I am happy to complete the program with wonderful results.

The biggest happiness of the year 2022 is the birth of our baby girl. My son and daughter both born in Toronto. My husband and I raising them by ourselves without the help of our family ( parents) who live in Bangladesh & could not manage to visit us during these special times. So definitely this is also a challenging experience cause raising little humans are not as easy as it looks & as a parent we constantly worry for even the most simple things.

2022 was the best year for my luxury purchases! I was able to collect many valuable pieces that I wanted. I bought two of my most precious bags that I was waiting to get for the longest time. I believe those are the best purchases and most precious as they are not just expensive but also hard to find in the boutiques.

Past year was also precious for me as an influencer! I have done some wonderful collaborations including participating my first ever influencers meet and greet. I worked with my favourite brands and vlogged for my channel.

My influencer meet and greet @ youth to the people launching

I made some precious friendship. After 3 long years of hiding from crowd due to Covid situation past year was life changing in terms socialization. I met many new people and old friends which was badly needed to get back to normal life.

2022 was the year when I enjoyed my workplace the most than ever ! Working at a clinic where the coworkers are the sweetest & supportive was the best part of life where all other challenges seem to be much more easier. Hope to get back there after I am done with my maternity leave.

2022 was the year when we visited Bangladesh first time in 3 years after Covid and my son met all our extended family in Bangladesh for the first time ever. That was one of the best memories to cherish.

2022 was eventful but nothing was planned. It was all about flowing with flexibility whatever life had to offer. It is not necessary to grab all the opportunities rather choosing then according to what fits better.

2022 was not only a story book filled with success but there were challenges , sickness & difficult days ! I had to fight with Covid for the first time during my pregnancy which was the worst experience ever.

At the end of the year all we want to remember the good things & learn from our challenging days to make this new year better, easier. There could be many more experienced, ups & downs this year but all I want is to be able to survive them with the best action & patience.

Wish you a very happy new year again.



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