My Chanel Bag Unboxing | Rectangular Mini

Hello everyone

Today it is all about my dream bag. Yes I will tell you how I got my Chanel dream bag.

In the video below you can see the unboxing.

Chanel rectangular mini is the hardest bag to find because it’s mostly all the time out of stock and hardly seen in the boutiques. It is very hard to get your hands on this bag. I’m going to tell you the whole story how I actually scored this bag.

I still cannot believe that I have this bag.This bag is so popular and people wait for this for years to get a call from their SA.

Below are the links of some hard to find amazing preloved bags. You can buy them if you have been waiting for any of these or something similar:

Mini diamond quilted pre owned

Classic flap shoulder

Small classic flap

Jumbo classic shoulder

Full flap shoulder bag

What I have learned and heard that scoring this bag is very hard. You have to have a good score and you have to be a loyal customer of Chanel for a long time. A good reputation is needed to build up with the brand to score these type of bags. Some Chanel’s loyal customers even have to wait for a very long time even one or two years to get this bag but for me I was very very lucky that after they put me in the wait list it took about five to six months for me to get the call and it was a very surprising moment. I bought this bag this year just a few days before my birthday I wanted to treat myself in this birthday with something that I dreamt for a very long time and something Is I really loved. I was very lucky that I got the call that I was not expecting at all. Chanel SA called me for this bag just before my birthday. It came home with me as great birthday gift to myself.

Now here is how I got it : I went to the Chanel Boutique in Yorkdale Mall I was looking for this bag and they didn’t have it in the stock. So they put me in the wait list.

I found another sales assistant in a group who is from Bloor Street Toronto and I messaged her about this bag.

I actually had two bag in my wish list, either I wanted to get this rectangular mini or I wanted to have the Square mini. I am in love with both of the bags and I wanted to have any of these two whatever was available.

Suddenly after like five six month mark I suddenly got an SMS from the sales associate in the Chanel Boutique from the blue Street Toronto who texted me if I was still interested for the bag & she can hold it few hours that day. She had it in her hands. So I immediately responded. I told her that I could not believe that this bag was available! I was not ready at that point because I had no idea I would get a call from them. I actually forgot that I was waiting for the bag so when I got the message I was like oh yes! I have been waiting for this bag for so long it’s such an expensive piece but I could not let it go !

Chanel prices are increasing all the time and I just don’t want this bag to increase more before I make the purchase because eventually I wanted to have this bag so I just responded to her that I was coming to get it.

When I saw the bag I was like wow I absolutely love this and this is the Gold Hardware and this is the light gold Hardware which I think is very very pretty because of its’s versatility.

Please let me know what Chanel bag is in your wish list currently now on 2023 ?

We will discuss more later & hope you will watch the video for styling &more.



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