Hello Beauties !

Time to describe my most used everyday eye palette which I love so much.

Urban decay invented various types of palettes time to time but the Naked Basic palette is something unique. This palette is perfect for the natural look as well as gorgeous party look. When it is time for us to go to the office or university and we do not want the makeup to be prominent but we want to look naturally pretty then this is the palette which helps.

This is a palette of six colors which are all matte except venus which is a beautiful highlighter. This is a perfect palette for warm undertone. This goes nicely with Asian brown olive skin tone.

The colors of this palette named as :







final naked
Swatches from top to downwards 1. VENUS 2.FOXY 3.W.O.S 4.NAKED2 5.FAINT 6.CRAVE


VENUS is a highlighter and can be used under brows and inner corner of the eye. FOXY is a more matte creamy white often used to highlight. W.O.S can be used in eyelid as well as under the brow area. NAKED2 is a beautiful natural color for eye lids.FAINT is amazing crease color. CRAVE is jet black and helps to create smudgy smokey look.It can be smudged below waterline or eyelids.

This is a very small palette but contains a very good quality mirror which is convenient for travel. The price of this palette is 245 Swedish krona.


I hope this review helps you girls. ENJOY !!!!




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