Beautiful Blush by Sleek

Hello Beauties!

My makeup is never done unless I am a little blushed ! Even those days when I am not feeling like to have any makeup I need a little blush on me ! Those who doesn’t like blush can try once and see what the difference it can make. This is important to apply it in correct order so it does the magic.

I have different varieties of high end and drug store blushes and I cannot resist myself from buying blushes as these attracts me so much. Today’s topic is “Blush by Sleek” in the color PUMPKIN. It is known as blush by 3 in the color PUMPKIN and the colors are named as LANTERN, SQUASH and P PIE.

SLEEK blush by 3 in the color PUMPKIN 363
  1. LANTERN is a beautiful orange. Basically it looks like a piece of pumpkin. When applied in the cheeks in gives a sun kissed look.
  2. SQUASH is a rosy pink shade and looks very pretty on cheeks. It can be applied for a very casual look when just a little blush will take you to another level or with a very gorgeous Red lip make up look when a blush is going to complement more.
  3. P PIE is a bright coral with orange undertone. I would say this is more deeper sun kissed love. This shade is very bright so be careful while applying on cheeks. A little amount will work well.

The things that I love about this palette are :

  1. Super pigmentation
  2. Little amount goes a long way
  3. All three colors are usable
  4. Good for darker toned people because of its easy visibility
  5. Has a nice mirror so good to carry during travel.
  6. Fall so many times from my hand but never broke

The only thing to be careful about this palette is the shades must beΒ  blended very well as they are super pigmented and should be checked in good light so no where it will beΒ  too much. Otherwise it can be more than needed at some spots.

Applied all three shades of sleek blush by Pumpkin

I bought this palette from the page “Asteria”. They are super fast in delivering products and I am really happy purchasing from them. You can check the link below to find Asteria.

I recommend all to try this product and enjoy playing with these super pretty colors.



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