Just scrub it

It is very important to scrub our skin to remove dead cells and dirts. Regular scrubbing is the way to have acne free, black and white head free beautiful young skin. For scrubbing I usually prefer a scrub which is  home made by natural ingredients but it is not possible each and every time to make our own scrub due to our hectic daily life. Sometimes I am so lazy that even I do not feel like to mix things to make a scrub as a result there are times when I suffer from bad skin. So what I realize is a ready made scrub must be there specialy when we have really no time for skin care.



Recently I have got this sample by Glamglow mud to foam which is a daily exfoliating cleanser and it is known as “Youthcleanse”. I used the small tester sample  pack and super happy!!!! I am definitely going to buy this and would love to recommend. Instantly my skin got baby soft, smooth and I could feel how fresh my skin became. This cleanser has fine exfoliating elements which are mild but super actively does the work.


men and women can use the product and it is made for all skin types. It has anti aging properties as well.

I hope this will help you to enjoy scrubbing more than anytime before 😀!



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