Summer vibes


Have you ever thought how much your nails speaks about you ?  Once a male friend of mine said that before getting married or going for a relationship with a girl he would like to choose the girl by her nails !!! How wired ! I asked the reason and got the reply and then I thought hmmmm…. how people judges you! He thinks that a girl who takes care of her nails of course cares her face at the first place so no doubt she is a well organized and pretty girl!

Whatever, summer vibe is here with pretty nails !  I went out for a window shopping and fell in love with these pretty kicks mini nail polishes and could not resist myself from owning them. I have got these hot pink and orange prettiness which is known as Gelato and Sorbet. They are kicks own brand and made from France. Each bottle contain 5ml product and costs only 39 SEK.


As I do not keep my nail polishes on my nails for longer so it is okay for me even if they starts fading out from the 3rd day because usually it is removed by me before that. Two coat is enough but for more brighter and vibrant appearance better with three coating. They dries on nails super fast which Ii liked a lot.

As I love different new shades for every season I think these small bottles are so perfect !

Enjoy colors!!



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