Cozy Winter Night

Beautiful sparkling winter

I enjoy the beauty of each and every season. Winter is something so dreamy. I believe that identifying the essence of each season and finding the comfort zone  definitely opens the opportunity to enjoy it to the fullest.

Winter nights are long and obviously most comfortable nights. Many people complains because they find winter time boring due to lack of productiveness. I would say this is the time to use the energy for more creativity while staying totally cozy in most comfortable way.

First we need to find the essentials and then add some charms on it :)! I do not want to plan anything to make it an expensive one but definitely it is going to be a precious one. After all budgets are important around this time of the year. If you need to stick to one check out this tool. Plan before winter arrives , so you stay in total comfort from very beginning of the season.

Candles warm you up and lightens the long dark nights

Make sure your room temperature is appropriate. Heating up your room to optimum temperature is most important for remaining productive. Proper lighting will elevate the mood. Light up some candles around the corners of the room which will not only provide light but also warmth and the environment will be more dreamy.

favorite hot chocolate drink

Drink you favorite hot drink and my favorite is hot chocolate drink. In winter we don’t really get thirsty but that doesn’t mean that we will skip drinking the amount of fluid that our body needs. Soup, coffee, green tea, chocolate or caramel drink can easily keep us hydrated. Winter nights are long so keep some nuts and crunchy stuffs in your reach while working on your laptop or reading your favorite Novel.

Knitting Magazine photo shoot. (Photo by Glenn Asakawa)
knitted love

Put on your favorite knitted socks which will keep you warm and cozy. Wear your favorite pajama set and layer with your favorite robe specially if there is a knitted one which is more warming. I have passion for sleep wears. “Adore Me” is my dreamland for night wears what ever the season is. They have the most comfortable and stylish sleep wears which you can find just by clicking in this link

Good night sleep tight
So much comfort
Winter essentials

Watching favorite TV series or movies are my most favorite night time activity during winter time. As nights are long I have more time for my own activities. Sometime I love sitting in the favorite corner of my room and paint something either on canvas or over a piece of glass to make a decorative piece. Writing blogs while sitting with my laptop on my bed covering my feet under warm blanket feels amazing. Some light music also plays important role to elevate my mood.

Cozy bed – all that I need

Last but not the least I love so much to have a quick massage on my feet with my favorite foot cream just before sleep. It is so comforting and helps me so much for a sound sleep.

Winter is beautiful ! Make this winter time cozy at home and enjoy the best out of it 🙂

Love you all so much !!



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