Salad everyday!


Am  I a veggie lover? Not at all. From my childhood I always tried to avoid vegetables and jump into the bowl of proteins like meat, fish or carbs. Any junk or unhealthy food always used to attract me and still it does. We are lucky that we have our parents specially mom who takes care of proper diet and fight to feed us vegetables in any form even though we do our best to escape. But as we grow up most of us get blessed with the sense of healthy diet. Specially when we live far away from our parents and miss them so much then we recall their advises more often and act accordingly.

Now I get surprise each day when I go to supermarkets and buy tons of vegetables myself. That does not mean I am so much in love with it but I know how valuable they are for health. With advancement of age, now I realize even more that how important it is to take care of own health but in a simpler way. We need to make the things easy on our own way;so that we can be able to become passionate about healthy habits.

In my every meal I try to add a portion of vegetable and I feel like a bowl of salad is simply great to make a meal delicious. I make varieties of salad depending on my mood but a very easy to go, almost daily consumable salad is what I am going to write about now.




This is the recipe for 1 serving salad:


2 Cherry tomatoes

1 Cucumber

1/2 Lettuce

1/4 Red onion

2 Mushrooms

1/2 Green chili

1 tsp Olive oil

Few drops Lemon juice

Salt-according to taste

Black pepper-according to taste

Salad spice -according to taste

The amount of everything varies upon how much salad you would love to eat. This amount is perfect for a small bowl for one person but you can always minimize and maximize the amount. Slice all vegetables with a sharp knife and mix all the ingredients well then serve fresh!


I feel that you all are going to enjoy this simple salad so much ! It takes just 5 minutes for preparation. Enjoy this with any of your favorite dish!!!









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