Happy Wishes……………!

Hello My Lovely Readers!

I wish you all a very very happy new year! I wish that all your good wishes come true and this year becomes so beautiful to celebrate more happy years ahead. A new year starts with new hopes and we all should try to be positive in our life. Everybody has ups and downs in life which are all positive if we learn at least something from the past mistakes. Each year we grow older and the achievement is being a little more wiser from our past experiences.

My new years lovely little plant and alcohol free drink for our small celebration

31st night in Stockholm was Gorgeous. We had a late night walk in a group and went to enjoy watching the gorgeous fireworks. Stockholm city is so magical  during winter nights with all the Christmas lighting and decorations. It was a bit warmer last night compared to other chilling cold evenings. Everywhere there was a festive mood. This is the night when we get to see so many people gathering and it feels awesome.

A beautiful New Years Eve

I did some videos to share but in reality in looked much nicer. When you are in an environment where everyone is wishing and sharing their joy together that is a whole new heart warming feelings.

Watch the firworks

The new year started by visiting friends and I really enjoyed the beautiful sunshine of 2017.


A Lovely Day Indeed

I wish you all once again a very happy new year. Stay safe and healthy.




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