Back to my Old Love


When you are back to your old love then you always realize that was your true love and then you love your old more than ever. Mac cosmetics made me start loving the world of cosmetics. The journey started there with Mac, meanwhile many brands amazed me on this exciting journey of testing and trying cosmetics. I was floated with so much love from so many brands but then after years again fallen in love with Mac cosmetics.

Recently I went to visit the Mac cosmetics store  and fallen in love with so many new products in the same way as I was many years back. I bought a liquid lipstick which is from retro matte collection in the shade Dance With Me. This is an amazing berry red color.

Dance With Me on the left and High Drama on the right side

After a week of my purchase I got a parcel from Mac cosmetics from Denmark which was super exciting and an honor as a blogger! I got some amazing products. So 1st of all I received a retro matte liquid lipstick in the shade High Drama. This is a dark shade which is amazingly very gorgeous. For winter and fall this is a trendy shade for anyone. If you know how to carry dark lips then you will look absolutely gorgeous on it. I love the bullet shape of these retro matte liquid lipsticks. The wand is flat ended so it is really easy to apply specially the dark shades without the fear of making mistakes I mean going out of line. It is completely matte and does not dry out the lips. Moreover, it does not transfer which is a plus but after meal you may need to re-touch  a little in some areas depending on the type of food you consumed. 🙂

Check this fun video with swatches


My happiness knew no bounds as I opened my gift pack that Mac Cosmetics sent me 🙂

I am so happy that Mac sent me my all time favorite lipstick in the shade TaupeI just have finished one and was planning to buy a new one but they sent me as a surprise. So much love for that <3…..Taupe is a beautiful nude shade that is my absolute favorite for everyday as well as with smokey eyes. If you want to know about all my favorite Mac lipstick shades then check this previous post Mac lipstics for olive skin tone


Taupe is my love forever for any season any occasion

The  next amazing thing I got is the Instacurl Lash mascara. I really loved the shape and packaging. Surprisingly, the brush is manually bendable which allows it to create maximum curl of the lashes. I love one more thing about it which is the plastic bristles of the brush ending. I just noticed that all my favorite mascaras have plastic bristles and it actually helps to separate each lash and that make them to stand out. I just don’t like one thing about the mascara which is the smell. It does not smell bad at all but I prefer having no scent in my mascara.

Check the magical Instacurl Lash mascara here in this fun video

Instacurl Lash

The last thing I have is the Prolongwear Fluideline Eye-Liner Gel in the shade Blacktrack which is my absolutely favorite. I used the one from Maybelline before which I did not like for two reasons. First of all, that dried after couple of months and also was not the blackest black on my eyelid. Then I got the Bobbi Brown one which I love so much and now this one by Mac is new for me and I am in love with it. I just hope it does not dry out in container and I will be careful about closing the lid of the container properly.


Prolongwear Gel liner

I am so happy to have all these products that I love so much!  I hope you will try them and love them as well. Check them here . Any further thoughts? Please comment below 🙂




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