Sheet Masks that are NO! NO!

Korean skin care is currently hype all over the beauty world but is it worth the hype?

By saying Korean skin care we mean all Korean skin care products without categorizing them which is incorrect I believe. After using different kind of products from Korea I realized that there are huge differences among varities of products and brands. The problem is, in many product packaging you cannot read or understand the details as they are written in Korean language. Many people just do not care what brand it is and either use it or ignore it just depending on that the product is Korean.

Tony Moly is one of my favorite brand because most of their products maintain a certain standard. Mizon is one of the popular Korean brand but I didn’t use anything from them yet but I really wish to. Klairs , LJH are also my favorites.

I won this box in GIVEAWAY!

I mentioned several times that I won a box full of sheetmasks in a giveaway competition and that’s how I got to try huge varieties of sheet mask from one of the companies monthly subscription. Before that I bought some sheet masks of my own so I could really feel the difference between different masks. You can buy any masks separately or subscribe monthly subscription. Monthly subscription has both good and bad side.

Good is in the sense that it becomes comparatively cheaper as you get to try a box full of masks where you get approximately ten masks or may be some more. But the thing is some of them are super good but not all of them are worthy.

Bad thing is that you get some masks which actually provide no big difference for your skin. Still you have already bought them as they comes within the box. This means that even though you are getting few good products but you are paying for some useless products as well.

So I prefer buying separately my favorite ones´ which is worthy!

Previously I mentioned some of my favorite sheet masks and today I would share the masks from which I had high expectations but did not work well for me. Oh yes! I am not yet done using all of the masks from the box and I have plans to review each of them separately to you! It will help to select individual masks.


SNAIL BEE HIGH CONTENT MASK PACK is one of the masks about which I  had really high expectations. With all different natural ingredients it also contains BEE VENOM and SNAIL SECRATIONS so I thought it would be something just MAGICBUT unfortunately it was not at all! It was kind of watery ( I don´t know if it is the right word but it felt like very watery to me, as if there is nothing to work for my skin) Packaging inside was kind of messy and was difficult to unfold the product. After I removed the mask I felt the same as I was feeling before using the mask and nothing special. I do not recommend this mask.


RED WINE MASK for pore care by TONY MOLY is another one about which I had so much expectations. It was not very disappointing but compared to some other good ones it was not up to the mark. I mean it was just OK but nothing super awesome or NO MAGIC happened in my pores as far as I understood. I am not going to buy this next time.

So if you say Korean skin care then just try to categorize them and buy the one that is actually worthy and hygienic. Go through internet, there are many blog posts, so read them and then make a list of the good ones´ and go for it.

Happy Shopping and Happy weekend everybody!



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