My Story in PARIS (Part Two)

Day 2 in Paris started with new thrills and some well made plans. After day one, we realized what to add and remove from our checklist. We enjoyed almost everything that we wanted to see in our 1st day trip. We realized that The Louvre museum needs a whole day even if we just run all over the museum.  Yes it is that big!

Day 2 morning, we went for the bus again. As I mentioned before that we bought a ticket for 2 days package which was a wise decision!

Our Bus

We got down in the spot near Louvre Museum. I can’t describe my feelings, how happy I was! My long awaited dream was just about to come true! Outside area of the museum is amazing because this used to be the Royal Palace during fourteenth century under Charles V. We could not resist to take tons of pictures before entering the Louvre Museum.



I was entering the museum and my heart was pounding so fast!


Finally entered Musee Du Louvre without long queue because our ticket provided us to avoid that huge line at the entrance which was awesome! I really want to share with you some glimpse of my Museum tour.




There is a huge restaurant, a cafe and toilets inside the Museum so feel comfortable during your Museum tour in the world’s largest art Museum.


You have to get the map after entry and plan immediately what is most important section for you to visit! There are sections for different country’s famous art and sculpture! I tried to cover as much as I could and spent more time reading the history where I had more interest!



Greek, Roman, Egyptian, Iranian, Italian and many more art works of famous people were to watch and thrill! Loved these treasure boxes in the picture below of different cultures in different Era but yet so similar!


Here comes one of the popular sculptures and that is Winged Victory of Samothrace!


I enjoyed the amazing artwork in the Islamic Art Area! So peaceful and eye soothing!

Some amazing Glass Art Work surprised me and I have to share with you!


Finally came Leonardo Da Vinci’s WORLD FAMOUS Mona Lisa! It felt something beyond description to be there. Literally standing in front of the world’s famous art work and enjoying by your own eyes makes you proud and emotional at the same time!


Napoleon III Apartments known as exceptional record of second empire decorative art. I was so surprised and lost that could not take much photos but some glimpse are given below down as collage picture form:


Are you tired already! Is it too long to read? There were many more to see and enjoy. Only the Louvre Museum needs 3 days to explore alone!

After the museum was done we had our lunch inside and came out for some more photo shoot!


We went for a walk afterwards and thought to explore the city little more until we had to start our return journey.


It became evening gradually and we wanted to see our beloved Eiffel tower one last time.



So that is pretty much all about my PARIS trip! Every single moment of this trip will be in my heart forever!I would love to know all your stories, so please comment below with the links of your stories 🙂 …………



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