Be Trendy in Budget

Everybody has their unique style of living. Some people prefer to be classy with timeless fashion. Younger generation loves to be trendy all the year round. Being trendy seems to be fun but sounds expensive as you often need to change your closet each season. But interestingly it is possible to be trendy in budget but it is tricky. While being classic you need to buy something that provides lifetime facility, they might be expensive yet looks so simple. When we do not have much time to look what trend is going on it is better to be classy. But today’s world is running after trend.

Today I will be talking about some trendy attire.

If we follow the look book of bloggers in the you tube and other social Medias it provides us an easy view of the current trend. I love to go with trend but within a budget. In every season I prefer to change my wardrobe, so I try to find cheaper options but of course go with trend and look stylish.

When a new trend arrives it spreads all over the world. Whether the dress is Eastern or Western, the trend becomes visible everywhere. It will be clearer with some examples.


Whether it is Eastern or Western fashion, now the trend for top, shirt, Kamiz or Kurtiis are choker neck, laces and embroideries near the shoulder or back, sometimes even at the bottom corner of the dress.  There are varieties of designs for sleeves. You can see people wearing cold shoulder top or cut out shoulder with frill which is very popular. Different kind of frill both in sleeves and in the body of the dress is added to flow in the current trend. Balloon sleeves are trendy as well at the current moment.

Embroidered shirt
Frill shoulder


Check out this trendy sleeve
Choker neck


Ripped pants are very popular. Slim fit pants are trendy. Adding lace and embroidery in the pants and salwar are just landing.



Shoes with cutout sides, faux leather, skin imitation in shiny material, pumps with kitten heels are trendy at the moment which provides both comfort and style at work or parties. Ankle strap heels are current trend. I cannot take off my eyes from these beauties.



Each season designer bags comes up with something that make me feel that I totally want them but it is difficult to afford. There are some Designer brands like Chanel, Gucci or Louise Vuitton which are so attractive but too expensive for my budget. I do not want to spend so much in a bag so what I do is that I try to find dupes. I better buy designer inspired bags instead of designer bags from different websites and easily change it with the trend. 

Chanel inspired beige color bag from Ayesha Online Store
Love this autumn winter inspired fluffy cute bag from Pushpita Online Store
Gucci inspired bag from Imported Fashion Dubai


Neutrals such as Beige, Ivory, Taupe, Black, Grey, Lavender, Peony are something everyone looks for in their fashionable attire these days. We love nude colors and nude means all these hues that I mentioned which often have undertones.


Fashion world is constantly coming up with eye candies and every time it gives a feeling that “I want them all” or “I cannot think of anything without buying this and that”. But next season you do not want to even look at them or you totally forget about those purchases. So make a list among all beautiful things and make a budget then browse the websites, you tube and find dupes for high end brands or designer brands so that you do not have to spend so much for a season yet be trendy all the year round.

Lastly, I would say that if you have enough money and cannot think of dupe products then of course there will be no alternative of the high end brands for mental satisfaction but the choice is individual and everybody has the freedom of their choices.

Be happy and healthy,



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