Asteria Haul ! Go Natural !


I am super excited to share with you my fantastic experience using all herbal products which I recently got from Asteria. If you don’t know what Asteria is then just go through this link. Basically I am sharing with you guys my Asteria Haul experience.

So let’s get started!

Coconut oil:


I already wrote a blog about my love for coconut oil and its use in details. Please check it here. This raw coconut oil that I got from Asteria smells so yummy and I can see the difference from other branded coconut oil while using it. I can feel its purity and will always buy just from Asteria as long as they are making it. As I live abroad, I am planning to ask my family to get it for me and send it to me because they have not started international shipping yet. I am lucky that I visited Dhaka this time while Asteria started their whole Herbal Skincare line. Hope they never stop making these amazing products. From skin cleansing to moisturizing everything is done so easily and gracefully with this little bottle of product.


Almond oil:


Almond oil is another magic product for skin. It does moisture my skin along with taking away all the dirt. It also helps to brighten up skin gradually with regular use. What I do basically is that I mix almond oil with some Alovera gel and apply all over my face and neck. Trust me I never had any better product for my skin. You will notice the very fine wrinkle lines also vanishes which you start getting in your early thirty’s and if you are younger than 30 then it will be a great wrinkle preventing method for you. If you are much older in that case this will be a great medicine to improve your skin overall. So this amazing product is for everybody. I will completely stick to this magical product.

One thing to mention is that these natural products usually does not have any side effects but still I will recommend to test for the first time in a small skin area, to see if you get any reaction. So it is just for a precaution.

Alovera gel:


This is the best purchase of all my skincare products! Ever since I started using this product I did not skip a single day. Now I feel like I am having alovera addiction….

This has a good story. I went to a fair in Drik Gallery about a month back and Asteria had a stall there. They had different kind of Alovera gel. Among all the branded ones I chose the one made by them. I thought these talented girls must have done something innovative and I need to try that. I would say that was the most wise decision and the Gel is super good! It is very refreshing and super moisturizing. Even in this Swedish winter my skin is feeling super amazing with this natural product!

I just cannot believe that this product takes the lead over all my high end skincare products and saving all my money.

I do not need to buy any other nighttime moisturizer as long as I have this combo of Alovera gel and Almond oil. During summer only Alovera gel will work just fine.

In general it is good to know that Aloe can reduce skin inflammations and itchiness and it helps to heal the skin very rapidly. It is an ayurvedic medicine for psoriasis, acne and eczema.

From my practical experience I just found how rapidly it heals acne. I had one new acne born just in my upper lip area and according to my sisters suggestion who is an alovera gel fan as well, I applied thick layer of gel over the affected area. Believe it or not within 3 hours it was gone! All my small acne marks that I had in hairline areas of my face are also blurred very fast using this gel!

Asteria recommended to preserve this product in refrigerator but I used it keeping in normal temperature for last 3 weeks as it is winter now. But from now on I will keep it it refrigerator for maintaining the freshness, as I will be using this jar for longer period. Oh a little amount goes so sooo long!

Castor oil:


Castor oil works like medicine to heal the affected area of the skin like burn, acne or any irritation. Just dabbing a cotton ball in the oil you can easily apply to the affected area and wait for an hour to help it to work. Then just wash it off. It works wonder for acne porn skin and reduce aging of the skin by stimulating the production of collagen and elastin. Omega 3 fatty acid in castor oil helps to grow healthy tissue thus it removes any spot very easily. Regular use of this oil will improve the uneven tone making it more even and healthy.

This oil works like magic for hair. It contains Omega 9 essential fatty acid which helps in hair growth, reduce the breakage and split ends. It also helps to moisturize the scalp and hair. Not only that it works wonder for different scalp conditions like itchiness, dandruff or any patchy inflammatory conditions.

This oil is very thick in consistency so I prefer using mixing castor and almond oil together as both has similar kind of benefits and it makes the oil easier to apply.

You can even apply it on your eyelashes for thick healthy lashes but be carefully not to pour it inside eyes. I love these products from Asteria as well.

Wonder oil:


This is exclusive to Asteria and you can get this product only from them. It has some special recipes and blended with amazing ingredients. It is made by secret ingredients but all natural. Some of those ingredients are revealed among which there are Hibiscus, tulsi, alo, amla and rest are secret! But they have ensured that there is no allergen or chemical. Yet I will always recommend to test in a small area first for any skincare or hair care products if there is any doubt or you are sensitive.

I used this oil several times till now and washed my hair after 1 or 2 hours of application. It can be kept overnight on scalp for good result. It does actually what it calls for. Yes it wonders me how good this magic potion is ! My hair becomes so soft, smooth and silky after wash that I keep touching my own hair all day! I have noticed that after I use this oil my hair becomes very strong and hair fall becomes minimal. You can say almost no hair fall .

I highly recommend this product to everyone!

So coconut oil, almond oil and castor oil was sent to me for review but after that I was so impressed that I visited Drik Gallery just to meet Asteria team and purchased their Wonder oil and Alovera gel with my own money ! They gave me the confidence by presenting good products and I am really impressed. Prices are very reasonable and whatever you spent is worth it! Asteria ships their products all over Bangladesh and very soon will be shipping abroad which is a good news for us 🙂

Happy shopping!






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