Best Coconut Oil for Healthy Skin

If somebody asks my daily skincare regime, the most important thing I would love to mention is coconut oil. People have been using coconut for thousands of years for different purpose. In the village area coconut oil used to be everything for skincare for many years without knowing the formula how it actually works but people got their benefit from this natural product. It is relatively a new concept to use coconut oil to skin for people in urban area.


How I started loving coconut oil?

My grandfather was a great reader of any book especially books that contains all about healthy lifestyle. He always used to tell me to forget everything but apply coconut oil in my skin to stay evergreen. His skin was like 30s even at his 90s, and I believe coconut oil did the magic.

Another story is that I met a beautiful Iranian girl who had the most beautiful skin one can have. I asked her beauty regime while I was struggling with dry skin problem in Swedish Winter. She said coconut oil and Rose water saves her skin. She doesn’t believe any other expensive chemical made products. She actually doesn’t need to try anything else.


Will coconut oil in-fact any oil suit me?

Yes, that was my initial concern. There was a time when I tried using coconut oil but felt that was not for me for which I did not continue. That was my 1st impression on coconut oil many years ago. I tried again after getting much inspiration from my Iranian friend and reading articles on research, then coconut oil became my life. Now I believe how true my grandfather was!

Later I could identify the reason that why it did not suit me before in initial stage and the reason why later I fallen in love with it. It is all about which coconut oil you are using. It has to be pure and raw coconut oil which is the best. Once I found the original raw coconut oil from a trusted source it became life changing.

In Europe I managed to find a suitable coconut oil but what about in Bangladesh?

When I was overwhelmed with raw coconut oil, I could convince my family members to depend on that. But everyone had just one concern and that was finding a trust-able source. Right that moment  I got to try coconut oil from Asteria. This oil was sent to me before launch  for my opinion and described as pure unfiltered coconut oil. This product is developed in Bangladesh and Asteria’s own skin care product. Previously I had good shopping experience with Asteria so I was glad that they chose me to try out their new product. Find here link here


As I opened the bottle I enjoyed the delicious smell . Usually I am not so much fan of coconut smell but this was too yummy and I loved to smell it. Now I have been using this product for about 3 weeks and I must say I will always stick to coconut oil made by Asteria. It suits my skin and I totally recommend. But for skin care products it is good to keep in mind to test any new product in a certain area of skin and check if reaction occurs. Natural coconut oil is known to be harmless for skin.

Coconut oil is a natural saturated fat and it is known to be the only source of medium chain fatty acid. That is the reason it is exceptionally made for skin.

What are the properties that coconut oil contains for skin care?

Just simply remember that coconut oil has anti inflammatory benefits, it is antibacterial, antiviral, antifungal, antioxidant and has tissue supportive and tissue protective properties. That is the reason how coconut oil acts against different skin conditions like acne, infection and improve wound healing. Above all it is an incredible moisturizer.

To summarize my knowledge from all studies that I did about coconut oil is that it works for all skin types. For dry skin coconut oil restores the lipid barrier topically as a result it reduces water loss and prevents damage by oxidation. Final result is wrinkle free skin. For oily skin coconut oil helps to break and dissolve the excess oil without shredding the natural lipid barrier.

What purposes can we use coconut oil?

Cleanser: Coconut oil is the best cleanser one can ever have. Even since I started using coconut oil as cleanser I never looked back for anything else. All make up comes off very easily. After wards I wash my face with my favorite face wash.

Moisturizer: After washing the face I dab some coconut oil in cotton pads and pat it on my face, so the skin is moisturized and smells delicious. It is good to wipe away any excess oil and if there is any remaining dirt will wipe off as well.

Acne Treatment: Coconut oil has antimicrobial property which allows it to treat different varieties of acne. It also helps to reduce any inflammation. It does not mean at all that acne treatment will be done with coconut oil but beside the actual treatment using this oil may initiate to improve the skin quality faster. But ask your doctors permission while using any medication.

Hair care: For antimicrobial property coconut oil is great to improve dry scalp and dandruff. It also helps to reduce protein loss of the hair thus protects the hair from unwanted damage. Damaged hair gets to repair by regular use of coconut oil.

Other personal use: Coconut oil helps to heal any minor cut, abrasion, razor burn and helps to get rid of ingrown hair. Oil pulling is very popular to treat gingivitis and prevent dental carries; thus it protects out teeth. It is a wonderful oil for body massage and as personal lubricant.

Lastly, I would say use coconut oil regularly but be sure it is organic, unrefined so that it contains naturally occurring phytonutrients and polyphenols.

Wish you all a happy and healthy life.



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