Love Calculation in a Relationship

Painting and Image credit : Raisa Amin

He loves me or not?

How many of you often think in this way when you are in a relationship?

When you are dating or married this question may arise at some point of your life. I think women think more about in such ways, particularly during a special occasion like Valentin’s Day, Marriage Anniversary, Birth Day or some other special days. It actually pokes more in a hurtful  way when their partner or spouse fails to make them happy with a special surprising gift of their choices. It may sound funny but it is true.

Male population calculates love in a different way.  Being a female and not a psychologist I can tell just as much I have felt from my observation and experience from surroundings. In my opinion whether you look good or not but wearing something nice and attractive with decent amount of makeup, make a special dish is pretty much enough to assure your man that you love him. In addition if you are able to earn a little just to contribute in your own shopping then the kingdom is all yours. But that is not mandatory for everyone.

But girl’s need actually pretty simple things which are sometimes too simple to remember for a man. Often guys think that taking you to a special dinner is all happiness that they can bring for a day, where you as a woman need a surprise gift while having a dinner. Guys feel that the restaurant may not look gorgeous but if the food is super awesome in quality and huge in quantity that is what called  happiness but as a girl you barely care much about taste or quantity for special occasion rather you want a luxurious environment where your diamond shines with some extra sparkle.

Your man may be once gave you a bouquet of flower and you smiled just not to break his  heart and he took your happiness for granted  so every year he keeps buying the same thing which creates a silent fight sometime. May be you as a women want him to know your favorite color but he cannot differentiate much between magenta, maroon and red which causes problem.

People say, love does not need a special day. Love reflects in your daily activities. Helping each other in daily basis both in home and outside, sharing happiness and sorrow together, be there for each other both in good and bad times and being honest is love. This is absolutely true.

But when all these goes properly it becomes your habit and then you calculate love in search of charm and those little extra care can easily freeze the need of any calculation. We always try to make people happy in our own way but when we want to make someone really happy then we need to think from their psychological point of view. In a long term relationship it is not so difficult to know what the other person cherishes  if you really care.

Remember a little effort can bring enormous change in a positive way.



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