Women’s Day: My Thoughts


Being a woman means so many responsibilities. By saying “Woman“,  we imagine a bunch of beautiful words which may include beauty, power, intelligence, homemaker, hard worker, patience, manager , box full of emotion, surprise lover, traveler, mystery, misery and so on. We are proud to be women because in today’s world we are everywhere to contribute whether it is social, economic, cultural or political achievements. That was not just simple to become today’s powerful women but through many years of struggle and we salute them who struggled to change the whole situation and made the pathway easier for us.  

Whether it is diving under the water or flying in the sky women are everywhere and still they are being a wife, a mother, a grandmother, a loving sister and contributing to the family. 8th March is international Women’s Day which is a celebration of our achievements and also a reminder to women’s right and peace.


Being a women is not easy. Just think about what we go through all our life whether we are born as a princess or just in the normal families, constant physical changes are similar for every woman. These changes are so natural and not counted as any physical ailment but don’t we suffer? Whether we talk about menstruation, pregnancy,  miscarriage or menopause; women’s body and mind go through tremendous changes but despite everything women have to maintain their normal activities and so we do. So this is a huge power that we got as a gift for being a woman which we ourselves or our surrounding people often do not realize. Sometime it feels tough but the next moment it makes us proud, because we as women are able to handle a lot. We are very emotional and that is natural too.

The discrimination and difficulty of women living in different levels of the society depends on their family situation and views, literacy, existing taboos in a society, lack of confidence of the woman herself and her surrounding people which is the reflection of their upbringing and so on. What I do believe is that it is much easier for a woman to understand another problem of a woman and take care of it. May be all of us who are capable to help others with advice or by taking any measure towards those who are incapable of standing for their own rights, will change the society and many lives can be saved. There are many NGO’s, training center and organizations playing active role within the societies of most of the countries to help the woman in all levels but not everyone knows about that. Many poor female population don’t even know where to seek help, how much help is offered. We can individually spread our hands towards them. At least we can provide them the knowledge where to seek help or mentally support those who are vulnerable which can save many beautiful lives from getting spoiled or destructed forever.

A beautiful life actually starts at your home. It is the responsibility of a female herself to make the family understand of her existence and that is a long story which we can discuss in another post. But I believe a smart woman knows how much to contribute in the family, make the family members contribute equally for the family and last but not the least make everybody understand that she exists whether it is home or office.

Lastly I would love to state that I wanted to make this post for International Women’s Day but I believe it’s never late to speak out your mind.



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