New Favorite In My Wishlist: Cluse Wrist Watch

All of you who are following my blog already know that I am so much in love with this classic black and gold leather strap watches when-ever and where-ever. This design represents so much of European style, minimal design but very elegant. Many different brands have similar designs but finally I have decided to keep this brand in my wishlist : Cluse

The reason why I love Cluse is all in details below.

Now let’s talk about which particular design I have picked up to add in my wish list and why.

All these picture are taken from Cluse Website and all rights are reserved to them. I am using them only as reference.



Find the details here

This is the model Minuit Gold black/ black which attracts me so much!

The exciting thing about this model is that I can also change the leather strap to a Gold Mesh strap with adding a little extra charge only for the strap which is again my favorite design for straps when I consider metals. Then the wrist watch will look like the picture below.


Both these designs with the mesh strap and the leather strap are my favorite. I am more a black and gold kind of person and I think I will be loving them forever.

The picture below shows how you can change the straps yourself which I found in Cluse website and I think they are very useful, inspiring and gives confidence.


Also the website mentions that the mesh strap fits several models. See the picture below:


Keeping that on mind that both the mesh strap and the leather strap is going to fit so many different models I have fallen in love with another new model of wrist watch for upcoming summer.

Guess what?

Check it below


This is the La Roche Petite Rose Gold White Marble/Grey watch and my new taste of choice. For details please check this link

Please let me know what you guys think about my wish list ! Should I grab them all ?

I would love to know your experience and thoughts on Cluse watches.



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