Anniversary Gift That Made Me Cry


I know you guys are very curious to know what was coming as a gift for anniversary as I keep it a secret from you in my last post!

Wedding Anniversary posts are publishes as series and this is the last episode. So if you want to read my previous posts please click here.

My special gift showed up the next day of our anniversary as it arrived from Amsterdam!

It is a wrist watch and surprisingly the one that I just published as a wish list in a blog post few days back. So it means someone is reading my blogs really carefully and taking actions on that ๐Ÿ™‚ I feel great ๐Ÿ˜€


I have got my favorite CLUSE wrist watch from It came in a beautiful leather bag packaging which is adorable and also contains instructions in a small pink booklet on how to fix the time, change the straps and so on.

The watch that I have received is exactly the one that I described in the post New Favorite In My Wishlist: Cluse Wrist Watch


The model of the watch is 33 mm, Minuit Gold black/ black and my most favorite design. Not only that, I am super happy to see that I have also got extra pair of Gold mesh straps, which means now I can totally change the look of the watch when ever I want! I can’t believe my wish came true so soon ! This will be my favorite spring/Summer wrist watch!

Thank you for reading my series of anniversary blog posts!

Please let me know how do you like my new wrist watch! I would love to know your favorite wrist watch brands and designs. Comment below and stay connected โค



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