How Did We Manage to Celebrate the Special Day

I Hope you all went through my  previous post “Wedding Anniversary Photo Shoot“; if not then you can read it by clicking here. Luckily it was a weekend so pre-anniversary photo shoot went well as we had plenty of time and enjoyed much!

Today I am going to tell you the rest of our story.  Basically, 26th March was a weekday, so both of us were busy during the daytime  with our works and our plan was to celebrate a little of our day after work.

When we say the word celebrate, the first thing comes to our mind is food. All we want is a good menu with style. I can totally depend on my partner for choosing a perfect place for best food in style which can make the day really special. This confidence has grown over the years.

So after work we met and went to the restaurant directly cause it was already almost dinner time. We were excited to go to the new place. The entrance of the restaurant was appealing. It was a Persian restaurant named Tehran Grill. They arranged us a beautiful table for two.

Gorgeous interior
We were served spacial non alcoholic drink presented with Rose petals at the top

I couldn’t be happier! It was just perfect! We were relaxed to sit in the most romantic place and right at that moment I got a beautiful bouquet of red roses and a beautifully wrapped pretty box full of chocolates which was a big surprise for me. I did not expect such beautiful flowers after such hectic working hours when we literally had to run for the restaurant. This made my day.

Lovely surprise from husband
I was floating in love of rose petals all around me
Living in my dreamy moment

The candle light dinner, red roses and beautiful box of chocolates will make anyone happy, so was I. The girls who served us food in the restaurant were very sweet and treated us their best, as we were their guests. They wished us for our anniversary which was really nice.

Mouth watering taste of lamb, amazing smell of Persian rice , the wonderful salad with yogurt are unforgettable
The best art of food is presenting them in the best possible way while maintaining their optimal taste

That was enough surprise and happiness for a day but something unexpected happened when we came back home! I suddenly got an email that something is on the way. I was totally shocked out of surprise! Something from my wish list that I posted in my blog was actually on my way and that was the very Special Wedding Anniversary gift. At that moment I was the happiest person in the earth. I am getting a gift from my wish list was something I could not believe and I don’t have any word to describe how happy I was.

It was cold outside but my heart was warm and filled with happiness

I am sure now you guys are really curious to know what was the gift right? I have it now with me and totally happy to see its beauty! My next post will be about my Anniversary Surprise Gift.




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